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Abhishek Rao

Abhishek Rao
Regional Account Director - Medical Marketing & Corporate Communication
Hello Health Group

Meet Abhishek, a visionary Regional Account Director at Hello Health Group, who is leading the charge in revolutionizing the Healthcare Professional Communications and Corporate Communications across 9 markets in Southeast Asia. With an impressive portfolio of past experiences at leading organizations such as McCann Health and Atlas Copco, Abhishek brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Abhishek's secret ingredient is his versatility and a diverse background in advertising, medical marketing (HCP), patient communications, corporate communications, event management, and social media. He has a knack for creating strategies and executing innovative campaigns that have helped many leading corporations to reach new heights.

Abhishek's career is a testament to his ability to adapt and excel in multiple industries such as Consumer Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Information Technology, Lifestyle, Electronics, and Industrial Engineering. With his dynamic approach and results-driven mindset, Abhishek is leading the charge in the ever-evolving world of medical marketing and corporate communications.