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Contribute An Article - IJMM Call-for-papers

The MMA invites academics, students and industry professionals to submit articles to be considered for publication in the IJMM. Contributed papers may have an academic or industry perspective.

  • First published in 2006, the IJMM has a growing global audience, with more than 87,000 articles downloaded by institutions and researchers in 115 countries as of Q4 2012.

International Journal of Mobile Marketing  
The following discusses the importance of these articles and details the IJMM submission guidelines.

Future Publication DatesArticle Submission Deadlines*
SummerMarch 15th
WinterSeptember 15th
*Articles may be submitted for consideration to the MMA IJMM at any time; however, they must be received by the Submission Deadline to be considered for a particular release.

Research Agenda – Sample Topics to Consider

The use of the mobile channel for commerce, marketing and social integration is a growing worldwide phenomenon. Commercial mobile marketing initiatives began in 1997 and published research on the topic first appeared in 2001. Since then, the field of mobile marketing has drawn the attention of academics, students, and industry professionals. Leading industry brands are committing anywhere from 10 to 25 percent of their near-term marketing budgets to interactive digital media--including mobile. Technology companies throughout the world are investing heavily in the creation of mobile marketing solutions, and many new and important research studies are underway. However, with all this attention there is still much to learn about mobile marketing. There remains a gap in our understanding of what drives consumer adoption and acceptance of mobile marketing. In order to help guide and influence academic studies and commercial use of mobile marketing, contributed papers should provide insight into the theoretical basis and practical application of mobile marketing. Authors may consider, but are not limited to, the following topics:

The use of the mobile channel for commerce, marketing and social integration is a growing worldwide phenomenon. Globally, there are more than six billion wireless subscriptions; the United States has more than 327 million subscriptions. Mobile ad spending is growing and is expected to rise rapidly in the coming years. Leading industry brands are committing a growing share of their marketing budgets to mobile. However, with all this attention there is still much to learn about mobile marketing. A gap remains in our understanding of what drives consumer adoption and acceptance of mobile marketing and the various mobile strategies and tactics used by marketers. In order to help guide and influence academic studies and commercial use of mobile marketing, contributed papers should provide insight into the practical application or theoretical basis of mobile marketing strategies and/or tactics.



  • By marketing objective
  • By mobile technology
  • By audience segments
  • By results 

Closing the loop along the path to purchase

  • Define the mobile path-to-purchase
    • Path-to-purchase milestones, i.e., deconstructing the purchasing funnel
  • mCommerce the Transaction vs. mCommerce the Process/Flow/Path-to-Purchase
  • Mobile banking and payments
  • Mobile retail


  • Role of different players
  • Flow of money and profit
  • Investment landscape 
  • Flow of money and profit


  • Mobile marketing and advertising theory, frameworks, constructs, and concepts
  • Analysis and comparison of the various delivery methods: SMS, MMS, mobile Internet, IR, IM, Bluetooth, mobile email, mobile portals, mobile TV
  • Social media and mobile
  • Use of the mobile channel for philanthropy or political uses
  • Analysis of future trends and the impact of global, environmental, cultural, and/or political activities on mobile marketing.


  • Audience segmentation and analysis
  • Campaign metrics and ROI evaluation


  • Location based
  • Proximity-based and in-store
  • Augmented reality
  • Wearable computing (pants, Google Goggles)
  • Neuromarketing
  • Vender relationship management vs. CRM


  • Big data/little data - consumer preference management
  • Apps
  • Location based services
  • Children

Small to medium-sized business (SMB)
     Enterprise B2B Mobile Marketing and Advertising

  • Rich Media buying selling and creative development
  • Using targeting (data/measurement) to create relevance, and context
  • Media buying and selling best practices

Feel free to contact Michael Hanley, IJMM Editor-in-Chief, or the MMA at [email protected] to verify the appropriateness of a topic before submitting a paper for publication. 

IJMM Article Submission Guidelines
All relevant papers that further the understanding of mobile marketing will be considered for publication. Only complete submissions will be considered. Each submission will undergo blind peer reviews. Final, complete manuscript submissions may be submitted at any time but must be received by the MMA no later than the article submission deadlines above. Authors should comply with each of the following requirements when providing their submission:

  • All submitted papers must be original, not under review by any other journal, used as a corporate white paper, or published in any public or private forum or publication.
    • Author's should submit a statement of originality, stating that the submitted article contains original unpublished work, is not being submitted for publication elsewhere, and that the author(s) has authority to publish all content, images, diagrams, and related material contained within the work (See terms and conditions below).
  • Submissions must be thoroughly edited, complete manuscripts (not proposals) in English, 4,000~6,000 words in length, with only necessary figures and tables.
  • Each submission must be submitted in Microsoft Word, and include:
    • A cover letter, including:
      • Title page, keywords, abstract
      • Statement of originality
      • A complete list and contact information of all contributing authors, including names, email address and phone numbers, with one author designated as the corresponding author. Include clear attribution to any research sponsors or organization(s), as applicable.
      • An explanation of why the material is important to the field of mobile marketing and why it should be published in the IJMM, and a bulleted summary of the top three (3) findings.
    • Complete manuscript. Academic papers should provide: introduction, literature review, research design and methodology, results, findings, discussion, industry implications, limitations and future research, and citations (variations on these sections will be accepted depending on the nature of the work). Articles provided by industry professionals may be editorial in nature; however, they may not be advertorials, interviews, commentaries, or promotional pieces. All work must be cited.
      • Citations MUST follow the American Psychological Association (APA) style for academic papers. (
      • Figures, charts, graphics or photos should be included as separate files in an open format to allow for editing or modification as needed.

Papers submitted that do not meet the above criteria will not be accepted.

Submitted articles should be emailed to the MMA IJMM Journal editor at [email protected].

Authors may contact the editor or MMA at [email protected] at any time with questions, and/or to inform the editorial staff of their intention to contribute an article by the submission deadline.

Terms & Conditions
By submitting an article or other written work to the IJMM you represent and warrant that: (1) the work you submit is original and that you are the sole creator of the work and have full power and authority to all ownership in the work; (2) the work you submit has not been previously published anywhere in whole, or in part; (3) the work does not, and if published will not, infringe upon any copyright, trademark or other right of any third party; and (4) the work is true and contains no matter that is defamatory. You agree to cooperate with the IJMM in its defense of any action related to the work you submit. In addition, you agree to indemnify and hold the IJMM and the MMA harmless from any and all claims, losses and expenses that are a result of your breach of the foregoing representations.

By submitting any work to the IJMM you grant to the IJMM an exclusive right to license and publish any and all work submitted in all forms of media now known, or hereafter devised, including but not limited to all print, computer, on-line, audio, video, Internet and other electronic media or publications in both the original and all foreign languages. You understand and agree that the IJMM shall have the full right and authority to edit, market, and distribute any work submitted in its sole and absolute discretion.