MMA UK, France, and Germany February Consumer Briefings: Interest in Mobile Banking | MMA Global

What is the role of mobile in European consumers’ financial life? How do consumers use mobile banking? What banking services are most relevant via mobile? These questions are addressed in the February UK, France, and Germany Consumer Briefing Reports based on survey research conducted by MMA and Lightspeed Research during January, 2009.

In the UK, for example, about 14% of mobile phone users surveyed for this study indicated they currently do banking through mobile. Looking ahead at the coming 12 months, the percentage of mobile phone users engaging in mobile banking is expected to increase to about 23%.   Similar trends are found in France and Germany. 
The study provided both topline and detailed demographic and mboile segment breakouts for the following topics:
  • Manufacture of current mobile phone
  • Current mobile service provider
  • Mobile banking usage
  • Technology employed for mobile banking
  • Interest in specific mobile banking services (bill payment, account updates, etc.)
  • Importance of security in mobile banking
  • Interest in downloading secure apps for mobile banking

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