As the holiday season approaches, do mobile phone users expect to use their phones to do some of their holiday shopping or for organizing celebrations? If they are, what do they plan to use their phone for and where? What types of gifts would be helpful to shop for using a mobile phone? Will consumers spend more or less on holiday gifts this year?
To find out, MMA ran an online survey on the Lightspeed Research omnibus in each of the UK, France and Germany from the 19 to the 25 October 2010. Respondents who owned a mobile phone were asked about how they were going to use their mobile phone to help with shopping and holiday celebrations. 
Key Questions Asked
How often do you expect to use your mobile phone to do your holiday / Christmas shopping or to organize celebrations this year
Which of the following holiday / Christmas shopping or organizing of celebrations do you expect to use your mobile phone for this year
Where are you likely to use your mobile phone while holiday shopping or planning celebrations
What types of holiday /Christmas gifts do you think shopping with a mobile phone would be helpful
Other than your mobile phone, where do you find ideas or information for your holiday gifts or celebrations?
Are you planning on using your mobile phone to shop more this year compared to last year


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