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The average Indian consumer journey has witnessed a near unrecognizable transformation in the last decade. Through the combination of rapidly evolving app ecosystems, and increasing connectivity at breakneck speed, consumers today have unlimited access to products and services, but are limited by their shrinking attention spans. This transformation has left especially lasting impact in three distinct areas: 

  • Context: More than 55% of global consumers are keen to share personal context with brands if they are offered better consumer experiences. 
  • Commerce: M-Commerce has exploded in India and it set to hit $94 billion in 2023 with a CAGR of 30%
  • Content: Time spent on media has risen by 5X, driving the convergence of content and commerce in India

Check out how consumers and marketers across the nation are seeing changes that will define the next era of advertising. 

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India Yearbook 2020

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