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The MMA and Committee leadership have focused primarily on targeting and transparency in mobile programmatic. The Committee, in early 2017, issued a white paper on How Cross-Device Marketing Works and an accompanying animation, and we also issued a paper on the challenges brands face when activating first-party data, and how to address them in August 2017.

Activating Your First-Party Data: Six Challenges, And How to Solve Them

Every marketer covets first-party data, but activating it can still be a challenge.

“Activating Your First-Party Data: Six Challenges, and How to Solve Them” – a new white paper from the MMA’s Programmatic Committee – is here to help.

The paper takes a look at Scale, Accuracy, Transferability, Latency, Creative and Legal and Regulatory Concerns, offering solutions for each that can take your first-party data to a new level of activation.

This report is a must-read for any marketer who wants to ensure that superior data is their most valuable marketing asset.

Read the full document here.

How Cross-Device Marketing Works

While screens have been central to consumer experience for decades, few among us – even a decade ago – could have foreseen a world in which consumers shift seamlessly throughout their daily lives from smartphone to TV to desktop to tablet. Although consumers have quickly embraced a cross-device world, marketers are struggling to catch up. The MMA’s new white paper gives marketers a practical look at where cross-device marketing stands today, its promise for the future and how it can be a part of the marketing arsenal – revealing much more about the customer journey than ever before!

Read the full document and watch the accompanying animation here.

Member Participation

The MMA is currently securing Co-Chairs for this effort, and we will adjust the agenda and meeting cadence accordingly. Programmatic is a booming part of the digital media landscape and the issues, challenges and opportunities are similar around the globe. Please join the MMA and get involved with this program.

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