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The MMA Mobile Programmatic Committee has been tasked with addressing the unanswered questions in the space, establishing industry standards, and generally making it easer for brands to understand and buy on their own terms. The Committee will look at how brands can evolve their strategy to take advantage of supply side technology enhancements, including items like how to navigate header bidding and supply path optimization in mobile. All key issues will tie back to building trust with brands, focusing on topics like developing measurable analytics, understanding SDKs, brand safety, and transparency.

The MMA Mobile Programmatic Video Guide: Navigating a Growing, Complex, Media Marketplace

What are the differences between in-app and mobile web ad inventory? How can creative formats be leveraged to make the most of the mobile environment? And how might video playback experiences in mobile affect KPIs?

If you don’t know the answers to those questions, you will need to soon, as the burgeoning mobile video programmatic marketplace accounts for more and more digital ad inventory.

Fortunately, the MMA – with extensive input and collaboration from the combined leadership of the Mobile Video Committee (NBCUniversal) and the Mobile Programmatic Committee (OpenX) – has published an extensive, straightforward guide that helps you understand it all, from creative formats to buying considerations to how to combat mobile fraud.

The Guide also includes a glossary of the terms you’ll need to know and a crowdsourced spreadsheet designed to help advertisers understand features and functionality of different SDKs.

Preview of the executive summary here.
Full report is now available for download here.

Current Projects

In March 2019, the MMA released The MMA Mobile Programmatic Video Guide: Navigating a Growing, Complex Media Marketplace. We will follow this with an expanded Terminology Guide and a report on standardization efforts underway.

Member Participation

We are eager to get more sell side participants, from publishers to SSPs to ad tech vendors, as well as DSPs and other buy-side representatives. To join contact us at [email protected].

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