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The MMA has historically approached messaging as an essential component of smart mobile marketing.

Over the last ten years, messaging has evolved from being the centerpiece of a brand’s mobile efforts to becoming an important, but often hard to implement and integrate, component of an overall mobile marketing effort. The messaging opportunity should be included as part of a more holistic approach to mobile marketing especially as enterprise services and RCS develop and mature.

Rich Communication Services: A Look at Next-Gen SMS and Its Implications for Marketers and Consumers

A messaging revolution is on its way, and it’s not just because apps such as Facebook Messenger and WeChat have exploded over the last few years.

The messaging revolution we’re talking about, which is the subject of this concise new white paper from the MMA, is RCS, for Rich Communication Services. RCS incorporates features such as rich media and transactions that are being popularized by messaging apps, but with one important difference: as with its precursor, SMS, RCS is embedded in the smartphone’s OS, and it is currently being distributed as an upgrade to hundreds of millions of operating systems and new mobile phones. Its penetration alone is a reason you need to know about it; RCS’ built-in footprint that is likely to be far bigger than even the most popular messaging apps.

You need to download this report now, and begin to educate yourself and your teams about RCS.

You can download the full document here.

MMA Program

The Committee will strive to educate the market about the utility, safety and innovation inherent to mobile messaging programs, from SMS to Advanced Communications, such as RCS.

Current Projects

The Committee has prepared the initial educational guidance on RCS, scheduled for release in March 2018. In the months that follow, and as more real-time case studies manifest themselves, the Committee will be issuing regular reports on new developments, interesting use cases and statistics and research on the roll-out of RCS.

Member Participation

Messaging is a universal mobile tool, but the rules are indigenous to each region. This program is only open to MMA members doing business in the US (Global and North American members).

Committee Member Companies Include