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MMA New Members and Education

If you are a business person, an entrepreneur, or consumer, you surely agree that marketing through mobile phones is the key to a more productive and efficient business. All agencies, organizations, companies, operators, and platforms are looking for innovative marketing that will help them get to the next step of development. The Mobile Marketing Association is an organization that has started dealing with marketing's transformation through mobile. It is a non-profit trade association and has a leading position in the entire world. PayDay All Day, Inc. is proud to announce that it has become a member of MMA.

MMA's activity

MA has advertising, messaging, apps, eCommerce and CRM applications made available on all mobile phones and tablets. The association's headquarters are located in New York, but it also has offices in Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA), Asia Pacific (APAC), and Latin American (LATAM).

MMA's global events

MMA is organizing the annual MMA Events Series, where it makes exclusive information available to the audience. The events' attendees are able to find out more about mobile marketing in different countries as India, Brazil, China, the United States, Singapore, and others. Mobile phones are reforming business and marketing that leads to new industries. Here is the events' calendar online and it offers all the details needed. It includes the upcoming events as well as the earlier ones. Access it and see the subjects that will be discussed.


The SMARTIES Awards is a unique program that rewards successful mobile workers from all around the globe. The key factors for winning an award are strategy, creativity, results, and execution. The Global Smarties is not the only program MMA is dealing with. It has also been working on several regional programs in EMEA, LATAM, and NA, as well as in APAC. Learn more about the SMARTIES Awards.

MMA CEO & CMO Summit

The 2017 MMA CEO & CMO Summit took place during July 23-25 in Napa Valley. This event gathered some of the best global leaders that happily shared ideas, thoughts, and practices. The participants had the chance to build professional and personal relationships of a lifetime length and find out more about the future of marketing through mobiles. This event was a long-awaited one, and it was something superb. The topics were relevant, well-presented, with experts in business and leadership.

PayDay All Day, Inc team took part at the event and made a presentation of its activity as online personal loans provider and as intermediate service between borrowers and direct lenders. The company's homepage,, is accessed daily by thousands of users, both from PCs and mobile phones. That is why developing proper and easy to use mobile applications is a priority of PayDay All Day, Inc.