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Academic Outreach


The award winning Academic Outreach Committee, comprised of volunteers from MMA member companies and academic institutions, is chartered with establishing a bridge between mobile marketing industry professionals and scholars. The committee's objective is to encourage and help formulate an environment for the sharing of meaningful theory, concepts, frameworks, methods and data amongst these stakeholders to foster the growth of the mobile marketing industry. To accomplish this, the AOC oversees a number of initiatives, including:

1. International Journal of Mobile Marketing (IJMM) 
 The AOC oversees the publication of the award-winning International Journal of Mobile Marketing, the world's only journal dedicated to mobile marketing concepts, theory, research, and practice. The IJMM was recognized by the ASAE & the Center for Association Leadership as the winner of the 2007 Gold Circle Award for Peer Reviewed Journals from an association with revenues of $2 million or less. See the announcement here.


To learn more about the IJMM click on the following links:

2. MMA Messenger Academic Review
Academic Review is a semi-monthly column in the MMA Messenger, the MMA's monthly online newsletter. Academic Review articles are geared toward exploring and explaining key elements of the mobile marketing phenomenon, they are introspective in nature (but not necessarily full-blown research) and explain in detail a particular element of mobile marketing. Guest authors are welcome to contribute articles. If you are interested in having an article considered for the Academic Review column please contact the AOC at [email protected].

To view previous Academic Review Articles, please click HERE (please log in using your member login info prior to viewing our message boards).

3. Academic Membership
The AOC provides oversite for Academic Membership, including students, professors, and academic institutions.  Please click HERE to learn more about MMA Academic Membership.

Committee Participation
MMA Members in good standing are welcome to join the team. Volunteers are needed to help the team accomplish its annual plans and goals. 
For additional information about the AOC deliverables and goals, please visit the committee message board here (please log in using your member login info prior to viewing our message boards).

The Academic Outreach Committee is chaired by:

  • Jeff Hasen, HipCricket
  • Michael Hanley, Ball State University 

For information on all committee initiatives, please contact [email protected].