Mobile Marketing Association | MMA

October 14, 2015

Mobile Marketing Association is an influential nonprofit trade association that includes about 800 member companies. The companies are located all over the world. MMA's members are experts in brand marketing, mobile technology platforms, agencies, operating, media companies, and others. The association's goal is to improve marketing and innovation through mobile and a better consumer engagement. This can be achieved through:

  1. Cultivating inspiration by innovative practices
  2. Designing capability for success
  3. Proving measurement and impact through continuous research
  4. Advocacy – protecting mobile marketing industry

MMA's education

MMA's goal of creating marketing's innovation through mobile is possible thanks to various programs and initiatives. The company provides a series of terms and reports that help people get a better idea of mobile marketing:

  1. Fintechs. Inside the mobile revolution of the finance sector; includes the essential info on mobile industry's direction
  2. Mobile Application and Mobile Web Advertising Measurement Guidelines. It has info about the association's guidelines and changes
  3. The Mobile Native Ad Formats . It defines mobile native ads and informs people of advertising benefits and best practices
  4. MMA Location Terminology Guide. Keeps the track of the latest technological and business evolutions of mobile location
  5. MMA Mobile Video Lexicon Task Force Recommendations. Makes communication easier with mobile advertising industry among brands, agencies and technology providers

MMA's programs

MMA offers a wide variety of applications, such as:

  • Currency measurement
  • Mobile programmatic
  • Mobile games
  • Privacy
  • Mobile messaging
  • Internet of things
  • Mobile shopper marketing
  • Mobile video
  • Location
  • Mobile native advertising

For instance, mobile programmatic focuses on transparency. The company has come up with a Programmatic Navigator that will enable people to understand mobile's techniques. MMA has been working on the first-party data in programmatic markets in 2017. Direct Loans Lenders is a member of MMA. The company's goal is to develop online loan programs and introduce people to the importance of mobile lending. This personal loans lender deals with the necessity of using mobiles and various devices itself. Knowing them and understanding how they work is essential for any business. Direct Loans Lenders conducts its business online, enabling clients to apply for loans via its website DirectLoansLenders.Com. This lender is specifically interested in MMA's development and success – because it affects every industry segment. Like MMA, DirectLoansLenders.Com is exclusively trusted resource providing quality and correct info service that will guarantee you a flourishing business.