Nomination for SMARTIES Europe/UK/DACH Screening Council 2024 | MMA Global

Nomination for SMARTIES Europe/UK/DACH Screening Council 2024

The MMA SMARTIES awards are the world’s only innovation award that recognizes the best modern marketing campaigns and solutions that drive business impact. MMA Global is committed to celebrating and honouring the teams and the talent who are blazing new trails, as well as educating the broader marketplace.

As a member of the screening council, you will join an esteemed panel of experts, leaders, and innovators from the marketing industry who will evaluate the MMA SMARTIES awards entries. We value your time and expertise and will only ask for what is essential to ensure a high-quality judging process.

We believe your expertise and insights would be invaluable in helping us identify and recognise excellence in modern marketing campaigns and solutions.

Key Dates and Information:

The online screening will be conducted from August 9 to October 4. 
Note: To ensure fairness and objectivity, you will not be able to judge your company’s campaigns if your company is a participant of the SMARTIES program. 


  1. Screening Council Panel Criteria / Designation: Chairpersons, Directors, C-level Executives, GM’s and Founders/Co-Founders and Head of Departments – From across industries.
  2. Minimum 10 years’ experience in the Advertising & Marketing Industry with deep knowledge & expertise of the Global, Regional and/or Local Industries.
  3. Dedication & Commitment of Time, Effort and Engagement / Media – including use of personal social to promote MMA Smarties and your engagement with the program.
  4. Objectivity and impartiality are key for the entire Screening Council. Each should be free from any conflicts of interest and must evaluate entries objectively and impartially, based solely on their merits.
  5. Final selection will be decided by the advisory council and the MMA Global team.