Mobile Video is the real deal – see what’s in the mix | MMA

Co-chaired by Anne Schelle of Acta Wireless and Will Kassoy of AdColony, the MMA NA Mobile Video Committee has assembled a dynamic group of member companies committed to helping brand marketers, and their agency and media partners, fully understand and leverage the unique characteristics of mobile video.

The group has surveyed MMA members to determine the priority issues and has formed task forces to work on them. The first deliverable was a set of definitions for mobile video formats that serves to isolate and emphasize the unique traits of mobile video. Learn more here: MMA Mobile Video Lexicon Task Force Recommendations

We are also in the middle of aggregating and analyzing data for a benchmark study on the state of mobile video today. We are receiving data across a number of dimensions directly from MMA members to trusted 3rd parties for aggregation and analysis, and we will be providing participating members with a private look at their own performance relative to the whole. The aggregated data and analysis will be shared with the industry. To learn more, please email Leo Scullin at [email protected].

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