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Xapads Extends Partnership with Xiaomi Mi Ads as its Global Core Agency

March 21, 2024
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The collaboration aims to elevate advertising benchmarks and deliver better solutions to clients.

The International Internet Business Department of Xiaomi announces the extension of its strategic partnership with Xapads for the year 2024. As the global core agency for Xiaomi Mi Ads, Xapads has demonstrated the crucial role it plays in the mobile internet advertising business of the smartphone OEM. 

Continuing their successful collaboration, Xiaomi Mi Ads and Xapads reinforce their commitment to evolving the advertising landscape and aim to provide advanced & effective advertising solutions, addressing the changing needs of clients.

Commenting on this, Ramneek Chadha, COO at Xapads Media  said, “Aligned with our shared vision for contributing to the mobile advertising industry, this will offer opportunities for mobile marketers to access Xiaomi's extensive markets. Further, it will also ensure that app developers and brands have comprehensive access to Xiaomi Ads products and services, facilitating better audience targeting in a streamlined manner with innovative user acquisition strategies.”.

Adding to this, Huang Xu, Country Head, Xapads Media, China  said, "Brands and agencies can explore exclusive & unique ad formats and connect with a broader audience from Xiaomi's diverse user base worldwide. We look forward to continuing our journey of delivering impactful advertising solutions."

Bono Wu, Lead channel sales team for Mi Ads globally, said, “In 2024, We look forward to establishing and deepening collaborations with both new and existing partners to explore new mutually beneficial ways and share the fruits of our global market successes with every industry partner, Xapads is our important partner and our sustained growth hinges on our collective effort to continuously create value for both of us.”

Xapads Media and the International Internet Business Department of Xiaomi entered into a strategic partnership in 2022 to give advertisers exclusive access to premium app inventory for in-app advertising in the global market. As the core agency partner, Xapads helps brands leverage on-device app recommendations via Xiaomi and supports marketers with real-time insights, quality user acquisition, and premium ad placements, creating a controlled environment for lead generation and product recommendations.