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Xapads collaborates with Disney+ Hotstar

January 16, 2024
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This association will enable advertisers in the Mena region to advertise via Disney+ Hotstar’s Connected TV offering in India

The dynamic changes in how people consume content have created exciting prospects for streaming platforms to connect with audiences in innovative ways. In India, Disney+ Hotstar, a leader in the streaming space, is seizing this opportunity by collaborating with Xapads to enhance its capabilities in Connected TV (CTV) advertising. The association between Xapads and Disney+ Hotstar is set to unlock new possibilities for advertisers in the MENA region. 

As CTV continues to gain momentum, this collaboration underscores Disney+ Hotstar’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the evolving media landscape. Known for its extensive content library spanning movies, TV shows, live sports, and capturing the hearts of millions of dedicated viewers, together Xapads and Disney+ Hotstar will offer a distinct opportunity for advertisers to connect with the streaming platform’s diverse audience and revolutionize the way brands connect with their target audience.

Expressing great excitement about the opportunities ahead, Ramneek Chadha, COO, Xapads believes that the powerful position Disney+ Hotstar holds in the streaming realm, combined with the proficiency in digital advertising, will bring outstanding outcomes for advertisers and create a more engaging and tailored viewing experience for the audience. Advertisers will gain direct entry to premium CTV and connected device audiences within the top 10 metropolitan areas.

Talking about the collaboration, Dhruv Dhawan, Head of Ads, Disney+ Hotstar said, “At Disney+ Hotstar, we are always looking for newer ways to enable our advertisers to make the most of our ads solutions. Our collaboration with Xapads will enable us to make strides in the Mena region, enabling us to grow our advertiser base.”

“This will bridge the gap between brands and the audience, making content and advertising more engaging and accessible than ever before.  Advertisers will gain exclusive access to premium inventory, while the audience can enjoy interesting content and live streaming of matches.  Looking forward to witnessing the incredible stories and experiences that will unfold as a result of this development”, said Gagan Uppal, Country Head, MENA, Xapads.

Together with Xapads, Disney+ Hotstar is poised to lead the charge in CTV advertising innovation, offering a new era of opportunities for brands and viewers in the MENA region.