What Do You Need to Know About the DAA Mobile Principles? | MMA

In a three part series of Webinars the MMA Privacy Committee Co-Chairs, Jennifer Barrett Glasgow from Acxiom and Alan Chapell from Chapell & Associates, are leading the MMA conversations around what steps members need to take to address and be compliant with the new industry guidelines from the industry coalition of trade groups known as the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA).

The first webinar was held on August 13th and Jennifer and Alan provided members a high level description of the original DAA principles around Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) and the use of Multi-Site Data (MSD). These principles have direct and immediate bearing on all mobile web advertising.

The next two sessions, scheduled for September 18th and October 10th (both at 2 PM ET) will be deeper dives into the use of Precise Location and Personal Directory Data, as well as a thorough discussion of how – and when – MMA members need to be compliant with these new industry guidelines. Note - these have very specific impact on apps and third-parties. Register for these webinars here.