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Web Push Is Here: The Marketing Channel That’s Been Missing

February 4, 2016
Submitted by Appboy

Push notifications are breaking into a new frontier

By Donte Ledbetter​

Admit it, you love push notifications. They’re an effective way to instantly reach your customers in a world full of endless distractions. Together, mobile and push are a perfect match. You want your customers’ attention and so much of their attention is given to a device that they spend a large chunk of their daily lives using. Could it have been scripted any better?

But now it’s time for push notifications to make their mark on the web.

Web is still a thing

Despite mobile’s growth and recent dominance, people still use the web (I know, shocking). We all talk about mobile growth, but time spent on desktop has grown 37 percent since 2011. And that doesn’t include mobile web, which is commonly underestimated when compared with mobile apps. According to comScore, “U.S. mobile browser audiences are 2x larger than app audiences across the top 50 mobile web properties and have grown 1.2x faster over the past 3 years.” Simply put, the old fella (web) isn’t dead yet.

Take a test drive of web push now! (Right-click for new tab)

Web push bolsters your outreach

Most web messaging in the past was relegated to email, in-browser messages, and social media. With the flood of emails customers receive every day, reaching them in this channel has become increasingly harder (but emails are still very effective). When it comes to in-browser messages, you have to rely on customers actually visiting your site to communicate with them. For social, breaking through streams of clutter is always an issue.

Web push overcomes these issues by allowing you to reach your customers without them being actively engaged with your website, although they do have to opt in at first. One great thing about web push is that you don’t have to have a mobile app to use this new channel. You can leverage web push notifications on mobile web browsers along with desktop web browsers, so you won’t miss out on either device. When used well, web push notifications can make your omnichannel marketing campaigns more powerful and agile.

Want to learn the basics of web push notifications and how you can benefit from this powerful new channel? Check out the Slideshare and share it if you’re excited about web push!


This post was originally published on Relate, the digital mag for marketers from Appboy.