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Volantis Framework 6.0 helps developers realise potential of HTML5

November 16, 2010
New app creator simplifies application development, distribution and maintenance Guildford, U.K., 16 July 2010 Volantis today launches Framework 6.0, a significant expansion of its core mobile content delivery platform. This latest release allows developers to build superior websites and applications using HTML5 and CSS3, without needing to rely on more complicated Java programming. Key components include a new app creator, an enriched HTML5 and CSS3 toolkit, better device portability and improved page rendering. The new app creator allows developers to deploy applications that can run across native and web clients and be packaged up for both Apple and Android app stores. Developers will now be able to create an application once, distribute everywhere in one go and maintain it over time, removing the need to distribute individual updates. The improved feature toolkit will allow HTML5 developers to produce a more compelling user experience, allowing all applications and websites to utilise gradient, 3D transforms, cover flow, reflections and opacity, amongst other properties. The toolkit also ensures that developers are able to produce sites and applications far more simply and quickly, without having to build individual versions for different browsers and handsets. The new release also addresses some of the portability challenges which developers face as a result of the differences in new HTML5 browser standards: the introduction of new features without warning and the discovery of “bugs” in newly manufactured mobile devices. Framework 6.0 is able to implement workarounds and fixes to all of these difficulties, while also ensuring the application or site is compatible with the 7,000+ devices in Volantis’ database. “HTML5 offers great potential for developers to produce web-based applications which offer a rich media experience. However, as browser vendors implement different features for HTML5, end-users might not be able to take full advantage of their device’s capabilities,” comments Mark Watson, CEO of Volantis. “For developers, this usually means designing applications that have to be tweaked to overcome the bugs unique to each manufacturer’s version of HTML5 and CSS3 employed. With Framework 6.0, developers can produce browser-based and native applications with highly customisable, out-of-the-box user interface components, which fulfil the potential of the latest handsets as well as rendering across legacy devices.” The platform will be available immediately within commercial releases.