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Trailer Park Announces Formation of Trailer Park Publishing, an ePublishing Division

March 21, 2011
Submitted by Trailer Park

March 21, 2011–Trailer Park, a leading player in entertainment marketing, digital production and brand advertising, is pleased to announce the formation of Trailer Park Publishing in tandem with a New York office to service the heart of the publishing business. Uniquely positioned as a sophisticated creative and technology-driven ePublishing arm, Trailer Park Publishing enables publishing houses and content creators to transform their books and create digital reading experiences for mobile phones, tablets and e-readers. As a preferred vendor for Apple, Trailer Park Publishing has already implemented over 125 fixed layout eBooks, which mirror the printed versions and support full-page illustrations in the Apple iBookstore.

Curt Doty, President of Trailer Park Publishing, comments, “We are uniquely qualified to help the publishing industry transition into the digital age, and provide readers with entire libraries of immersive content on their mobile platforms. Trailer Park’s entertainment marketing heritage can help build, promote, publicize and socialize these experiences. Trailer Park’s expertise in dimensionalizing content through video, audio and interactivity is a unique resource to help publishers evolve into the exciting world of digital.”

“This is an amazing time for the publishing industry as the ‘Connected Age’, through the use of mobile devices, is becoming the de facto standard for the way we read, work, communicate and play,” comments Scott Tobin, Creative Director, Product Development, Trailer Park Publishing. “No other industry besides entertainment and music can bring such a wealth of rich content and historic lineage to the digital arena.

“We are excited to be leading the charge by offering publishers eBooks of their new and backlist catalogs in fixed layout format,” Tobin continues. “Maintaining complete fidelity with the original enables the book to never lose the translation to digital, so readers enjoy the aesthetics of the original book with an immersive and enhanced e-reading experience.”

“Until now, ePublishing has largely overlooked the design and integrity of what publishers offer readers and just flowed text as data into a reading platform,” adds Caroline Grill, VP, Business Development, Trailer Park Publishing. “eBooks should be created with readers who love the look of books in mind, with layout, photos and design elements that mirror, and even enhance, the print experience onscreen. There is a lot more to a book than just its words. Trailer Park Publishing keeps those elements intact.”

Grill, who has spent the past 10 years in book publishing (most recently growing the digital publishing program at Hyperion), explains that her mission at Trailer Park Publishing includes strategizing with publishers to create digital experiences for new platforms. “My goal is to help them understand what the digital possibilities for their content are, and be a partner in shaping their vision to deliver the most sophisticated e-reading experience technology allows,” she says.

In addition to converting publishing house catalogs, Tobin says Trailer Park Publishing will mine the entertainment world as well; for instance, creating immersive experiences around film content and memorabilia, and developing original properties across the complete mobile and connected space. Negotiations with filmmakers and various estates are currently in progress, Tobin adds.

Rick Eiserman, CEO, Trailer Park, comments, “With offices in New York and Hollywood, Trailer Park Publishing is positioned to service both the book publishing and entertainment industries. We look forward to delivering pristine, inspirational e-reading experiences covering the gamut from children’s to pop culture books.”

For more information, please contact: Lauri Aloi, Director, Public Relations, Trailer Park, 917.553.5812 or [email protected]

Curt Doty
President and Founder
Trailer Park Publishing
6922 Hollywood Blvd., 12th Floor
Hollywood, CA. 90028
Phone: 310-845-3009

Caroline Grill
VP, Business Development
Trailer Park Publishing
77 Water Street, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10005
Phone: 718-594-2828

About Trailer Park Publishing
Trailer Park Publishing makes reading a book as entertaining and interactive as ever. Located in New York and Hollywood, Trailer Park Publishing is leading the way in digital publishing with a fresh perspective and exciting portfolio that includes
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About Trailer Park
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