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ThePubverse and Spaceback Forge a Powerful Partnership in MENA’s Digital Advertising Space

January 25, 2024
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Dubai / January 25th, 2024: In a monumental move, Spaceback, a trailblazer in Social Display advertising, has officially joined forces with ThePubverse, ArabyAds' cutting-edge publisher monetization platform. This strategic collaboration signifies a groundbreaking integration, with Spaceback becoming the inaugural platform seamlessly integrated into ThePubverse's programmatic ecosystem. This integration empowers advertisers with access to the revolutionary Social Display advertising solution. This innovative format combines captivating social media experiences with the efficiency of standard display, resulting in digital campaigns that excel across various branding metrics like attention and engagement as well as performance and ROI. Through this alliance, marketers utilizing ThePubverse's platform gain the seamless capability to activate Spaceback Social Display advertising within their ongoing and future media initiatives.

Imad Sarrouf, CEO of ThePubverse, expresses the significance of this collaboration, stating, "The ever-evolving consumer landscape requires brands to reassess their social advertising strategies. Our collaboration with Spaceback empowers advertisers to navigate the complexities of the evolving social ad landscape, swiftly reallocating budgets to accountable and addressable programmatic channels, all while preserving the high-quality experiences developed for social platforms."

As more brands adopt a "social-first" content strategy, ThePubverse and Spaceback are strategically positioned to extend the reach of engaging content beyond the confines of social networks. Content sourced from leading social platforms, including Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn, undergoes an authentic transformation into display creative. Enriched with real-time social signals and familiar experiences (likes, comments, shares, etc.), this content effectively engages customers. This becomes especially impactful as major brands explore alternatives to reduce dependency on social channels.

"Spaceback's mission is to bring more social experiences outside the walled gardens. These experiences are not only more authentic, but they are more engaging for audiences. Additionally, marketers save precious time and production costs when using Spaceback’s creative technology," affirms Craig Mytton, Spaceback’s Head of Global Partnerships. "The integration of our creative solution with ThePubverse's leading programmatic tools now offers brands and agencies the simplest pathway to engage audiences across the web."

Beyond delivering content designed to be engaging and "people-optimized," a social-first programmatic strategy also bestows advantages on advertisers by reducing creative development costs, enhancing speed to market, and elevating performance across the entire funnel compared to standard banners (brand awareness, consideration, and click-through).

For ThePubverse customers utilizing Spaceback, the benefits include ease of use and activation, elimination of creative development costs, billing integration, and improved overall performance.

About Spaceback

Founded in 2017, Spaceback is an award-winning creative automation platform headquartered in San Francisco that connects the power of social media to the billions of daily advertising opportunities outside the walled gardens by authentically recreating social experiences as programmatic-ready display, video, and connected TV ads. Spaceback has helped 3,000 legacy brands and performance advertisers extend the reach of their social media posts across the open web and connected TV using their existing media buying stack. For more details about Spaceback, visit

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