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Telecom Italia Digital Solutions and CardMobili team up to launch a new Mobile Commerce service

April 7, 2015
Submitted by CardMobili
Telecom Italia Digital Solutions and CardMobili team up to launch a new Mobile Commerce service Rome and London, 7 April 2015 -: CardMobili, a leading provider of advanced digital loyalty solutions, announces a new partnership agreement with Telecom Italia Digital Solutions, a Telecom Italia Group company, to launch a new mobile digital service in the Italian market. TI Digital Solutions selected CardMobili on the basis of its long-standing mobile services expertise, which includes powering Portugal Telecom’s (PT) successful mobile user loyalty service, “MEO CardMobili”. TI Digital Solutions will conduct an initial pilot trial intended to provide a dynamic new platform across digital marketing, digital loyalty and engagement and digital promotions. The new app will focus on easy to use and quickly activated mass marketing digital services such as gift cards, user-generated loyalty and membership cards, punch cards, email and push communications, beacon engagement, and personalised marketing communications. It will also integrate other automated marketing features, for example delivering individual incentives to users that have not visited a store or purchased for a specific period of time. Claudio Contini, TI Digital Solutions CEO & President, explains: ““Our aim is to test successfully a full range of cloud-based digital services across marketing, CRM, analytics and engagement, which will truly empower our business customers by giving them tools that were previously only available to large brands and retailers at a premium cost and allowing them to focus on their core businesses” For CardMobili, TI Digital Solutions’ decision reflects the real potential VAS in the mobile context can deliver for commerce, as CEO Helena Leite explains: “Our solutions can deliver tangible value for merchants and consumers, a fact which is being recognised with TI Digital Solutions’ decision to introduce a mobile digital service. In Portugal, we have seen rapid adoption and real success for PT’s CardMobili MEO service in just 6 months since its launch. We are confident that the Italian market will be similarly enthusiastic about TI Digital Solutions’ new service. Users will benefit from greater convenience and value, while merchants will be able to engage more profitably with customers. Taking just one example - by linking the free mobile apps for customers with multi-channel marketing, the new service can combine to deliver something much more exciting than the sum of its parts – it becomes a fully-fledged intelligent automated CRM. We are delighted to be working with TI Digital Solutions, and look forward to a successful pilot and roll-out across Italy in the future.” About Telecom Italia Digital Solutions Telecom Italia Digital Solutions is a leading company within the Telecom Italia Group, created on 1st of June 2013 with the purpose of playing a crucial role in the digital transformation of customers’ businesses. TI Digital Solutions brings in the leadership and experience acquired by the Telecom Italia Group and applies it to every aspect of digital innovation such as Machine- to-Machine and Internet of Things solutions, Digital Multi-channel CRM solutions, Cloud Computing Business Intelligence and Social Reputation solutions. TI Digital Solutions is not only a technological partner, but it looks deeply into the customer business processes in order to see possible improvements both through technology and personnel’s efforts. About CardMobili CardMobili has been innovating in the digital wallet sector for a number of years, making the company one of the most experienced players in this rapidly evolving market. Partnering with leading global mobile network operators and retail brands, CardMobili’s technology and solutions have provided the platform for numerous successful roll-outs, helping to unlock important new revenue streams and dynamically enhancing the customer experience. An early pioneer in the digital wallet space, CardMobili launched its first mobile service in 2009. Its expertise and proven technology has subsequently contributed to successful service roll-outs for numerous clients, across integration into existing mobile commerce programmes, such as loyalty and rewards, as well as completely new service launches. From mobile loyalty and rewards schemes, to advanced mobile commerce deployments – CardMobili is firmly established as the partner of choice. The company’s solutions combine the tools, the expertise, and the support to realise the strategic digital wallet vision and deliver tangible commercial value. More information about CardMobili is available at