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Swrves Most Successful Quarter to Date, Driven by Record Revenues, Major New Customers and Partners, and Global Expansion

August 5, 2015
Submitted by Swrve

San Francisco and London—August 4, 2015 - Swrve, the mobile marketing technology company that pioneered the fast-growing mobile engagement marketing space, just completed its best-ever quarter and record half-year. Driven by growth in revenue and bookings, and significant new customer wins in North America and Europe, the company is poised to quickly become a global standard for mobile marketing and engagement.

In the first half of the year, Swrve signed more than 40 new clients in a wide range of industries from retail, travel, hospitality, banking and insurance to sports, media, entertainment, games, and lifestyle. Among the notable customer wins are The Guardian, Condé Nast, Glamsquad, Warner Brothers, Microsoft, and Backflip. As a result, global bookings in the second quarter of 2015 increased 33% over the previous quarter and 153% over Q4 2014.

“Swrve is quickly becoming a standard for companies who are passionate about delivering a better, more personalized mobile experience,” said Martin Doettling, chief marketing officer at Swrve. “As brands respond to consumers’ rapid shift to mobile, digital marketers are required to deliver a richer mobile customer experience. With Swrve’s Mobile Engagement Platform, digital marketers are creating compelling, relevant and timely interactions leading to increased engagement and higher returns on their mobile marketing investments.”

The Swrve Mobile Engagement Platform is designed for digital marketers who are focused on transforming the way brands connect and interact with customers in an increasingly mobile-centric world. The success of the Swrve platform stems from the company’s unique mobile expertise and laser-sharp focus to help digital marketers solve the biggest challenges in mobile – creating a personalized mobile experience, increasing customer engagement, and driving conversions.

It does so through a foundation of powerful mobile analytics and segmentation capabilities that are within easy reach of the digital marketer. The platform’s user interface provides access to sophisticated push notifications and rich in-app messaging campaigns complete with personalization, optimization, and predictive marketing capabilities. With the goal of providing mobile marketers with everything they need to easily orchestrate a better, more engaging and always personalized mobile experience, Swrve’s platform is open – meaning it can unify data from many different sources and create single or multi-channel mobile campaigns based on that data – so that each customer is getting the right message at the right time on the platform that makes the most sense.

Mobile: The Preferred Engagement Platform

The rapid rise of Swrve as the preferred Mobile Engagement Platform is also reflected in the unprecedented growth of the platform’s global usage statistics. By the end of the second quarter of 2015, Swrve customers have delivered more than one billion mobile messages, and every single day the Swrve platform processes over six billion events. No other mobile marketing platform today delivers an equally rich environment at the scale of Swrve.

“So far, 2015 has been an incredible year for Swrve. We are passionate about mobile, our great partners and, most importantly, the continued success of our clients. Innovation, domestic and international growth, and resolute attention on our clients’ needs are the pillars of our success. As a company, we wake up and remind ourselves each day that we empower our clients to create outstanding mobile experiences that build long-term customer value in increasingly competitive and fragmented industries,” said Christopher S. Dean, CEO of Swrve. “Mobile conversations have the potential to create a lasting connection between brands and consumers that is not just incredibly powerful—it’s essential.”

Setting a New Standard for Mobile Engagement in 2015

Beyond its record revenues and customer growth, the second quarter of 2015 was highlighted by a number of major advances from Swrve, including:

Enterprise Software Partnerships
Mobile has emerged from its silo to become a critical part of the omni-channel marketing mix; with that, Swrve inked major deals this quarter with leaders in enterprise marketing software to integrate its capabilities with three of the biggest: the Salesforce Marketing Cloud as well as the Oracle Marketing AppCloud and Adobe Marketing Cloud. These join an extensive list of existing technology partners including Marketo, Tableau, and Amazon Redshift.  Swrve will continue to add new partnerships with emerging marketing software companies.

Broadened Global Reach and Product Advancements
Swrve is reaching new customers with expanded global operations; beyond major hubs in San Francisco and Dublin, the company now has operations in New York, London, and Prague. Additionally, a powerful new European data center enhances Swrve’s ability to support customers throughout the EU. Together, this global team enables the pace of innovation to increase with a parade of key product advances, highlighted by the launch of mobile marketing’s most comprehensive predictive capabilities, along with proactive customer conversations, localization, and personalization.

About Swrve

Swrve’s Mobile Engagement Platform empowers digital marketers to create and deliver extraordinary mobile customer and brand experiences. Whether an app is part of an omni-channel strategy or a mobile-first business, Swrve provides the easy-to-use marketing tools that drive mobile engagement, retention, and revenue. The smartphone is the means for brands to interact with their customers in the most contextual and timely way. Swrve brings together sophisticated audience targeting, predictive marketing, and real-time segmentation capabilities with personalization, and a/b testing to effectively communicate with customers via push notifications and in-app messages. Swrve partners with mobile leaders in a wide range of industries—from retail, travel, hospitality, banking and insurance to sports, media, entertainment, games, and lifestyle. Today, Swrve is installed in hundreds of apps, the Swrve platform handles more than six billion daily events, and Swrve’s global customers have delivered more than one billion mobile messages.



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