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Sponsormob Introduces Alternative Tracking Technology for iOS

April 16, 2012

In response to the recent change in Apple’s tracking approval requirements, Germany-based Sponsormob has adapted its system to track apps through the use of an encrypted hash of the device’s MAC (Media Access Control) address. This tracking method replaces that of tracking the device’s UDID, its “Unique Device Identifier” or serial number.

Apple recently changed the basis on which apps can be tracked in the app store. The company no longer approves new apps that are tracked with the device’s UDID to track apps. Existing apps are not affected, but new apps and apps that are updated will need an alternative method of tracking in order to be approved by Apple for listing in the app store.

Sponsormob CEO, Peter Glaeser, says, “We at Sponsormob welcome this change, as we never used unencrypted UDIDs to track apps. Within the Sponsormob network, user data is tracked anonymously, as we place an emphasis on the privacy of user information and are not interested in the specific details of each individual user.” In some cases, UDID tracking has been misused to collect and exchange user data.

Through its new technology, Sponsormob’s tracking is as secure as it was before, and the company can continue to provide highly targeted advertising on mobile to its clients.