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Rocket Fuel Unveils Next Generation Mobile Advertising Suite to Help Advertisers Deliver Real Results from Mobile

February 20, 2014

Rocket Fuel Unveils Next Generation Mobile Advertising Suite to Help Advertisers Deliver Real Results from Mobile 

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence-Focused Technology Powers Mobile ROI for Over 200 Customers, Launches with 27 Ecosystem Partners

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., February 20, 2014Rocket Fuel (NASDAQ: FUEL), a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) advertising solutions for digital marketers, today announced the launch of its Mobile Advertising Suite, which has already delivered significant return on investment (ROI) for more than 200 leading advertisers worldwide.  

In the early days of mobile advertising, success was simply about delivering compelling visual ads. Then it was being able to use mobile specific capabilities such as location, touch screens and the ability to place calls directly. Current generation mobile advertising measures a success rate—either via CTR, a conversion rate, calls made, or the number of apps installed.

Mobile advertising has evolved again. Rocket Fuel’s Mobile Advertising Suite provides the kind of real results that Rocket Fuel customers have come to expect from their online advertising such as leads generated, revenue delivered, and for app developers, high frequency users of their apps (not simply app downloads).

According to eMarketer, mobile ad spending is expected to double to $9.6 billion this year and skyrocket to $35.6 billion by 2017, thanks to an explosion in consumers’ mobile device usage. With Rocket Fuel’s Mobile Advertising Suite, advertisers can:


·       Increase ROI by leveraging Rocket Fuel’s sophisticated machine-learning algorithms to programmatically place ads across 16 complementary mobile RTB suppliers, ensuring the best possible reach and results

·       Drive in-store activity by utilizing Rocket Fuel’s big data analytics to build anonymous location profiles that marry consumer intent with geographic behavior 

·       Ensure quality app downloads and revenue by optimizing ad delivery toward consumers who are most likely to use apps on their mobile devices and conduct m-commerce in-app

·       Extend brand opportunities: Rocket Fuel enables rich media ads that give brand advertisers a powerful combination of immersive ad experiences and broad reach

·       Streamline cross-channel efficiency by working with Rocket Fuel to deliver ads across mobile, display, video, and social channels simultaneously, where each channel learns from the other for optimal placement


At launch, Rocket Fuel’s Mobile Advertising Suite currently integrates with 27 mobile ecosystem partners, with integrations spanning media, data, and attribution, and includes Flurry, Factual, BlueKai, MoPub, and Celtra, among others. Mobile RTB suppliers connect with Rocket Fuel’s proprietary bid infrastructure to provide the broadest mobile reach across tablets and smartphones on all operating systems, and utilize all possible anonymous identification protocols, including cookies, device IDs, and statistical matching.

“Rocket Fuel’s programmatic buying solution for mobile is revolutionary,” said Aubrie Lamar, account supervisor at iProspect. “Its sophisticated and predictive big data approach to mobile powers ROI-driven results for our clients that are ahead of current industry norms.”

“The reason we chose Rocket Fuel was for its precise mobile targeting abilities,” said Robert Shanahan, Communications Planner for Mullen. “After working with them in the past on several campaigns for different clients, our agency knew they were a proven performer that would be a great fit for our initial mobile campaign with Auntie Anne’s. Rocket Fuel's mobile solution let us serve coupons to consumers in a tight radius of store locations. This helped us cut down on waste and increased the likelihood of redemption.”

“Marketers are recognizing more and more that even though a smaller screen, mobile provides a compelling stage for storytelling that moves brands closer to their consumers than ever before,” said Greg Stuart, CEO, Mobile Marketing Association. "As a respected player in display advertising, Rocket Fuel’s investment and commitment to mobile with the launch of their Mobile Advertising Suite is emblematic of how digital marketing companies are now applying their expertise and leveraging their success with mobile."

"Flurry and Rocket Fuel are natural partners based on a shared belief in the future of data-driven, programmatic advertising in mobile," said Grady Burnett, COO of Flurry. "We are excited to see Rocket Fuel's mastery of programmatic advertising, combined with Flurry's data expertise, translate into direct ROI for mobile advertisers."

"We're seeing incredible growth in awareness of the powerful capabilities that location data enables within mobile advertising,” said Gil Elbaz, co-founder and CEO of Factual Inc. “We're excited to be partnering with a company like Rocket Fuel that has built its reputation on fully leveraging the power of data."

“As more customers get serious about measurable advertising for mobile, they are turning to Rocket Fuel for its results-driven approach,” said Mark Prior, vice president of mobile for Rocket Fuel. “Rocket Fuel’s strength in big data and AI has resulted in significantly better mobile ROI for advertisers. We have invested in mobile-specific data integrations so that we can better understand consumer intent and behavior in the mobile context.” 

Rocket Fuel will highlight its mobile solutions in greater detail and unveil best practices and original research to deliver real mobile results at its upcoming mobile roadshows this April in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City. More information on the roadshows can be found here.


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