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Risks of Non-Compliant Mobile Marketing Programs Addressed in Street Savings White Paper

October 6, 2010
October 6, 2010 (Orange, CA) Street Savings, a leading innovator in mobile marketing, has released a white paper addressing a headline issue: short code shutdowns. Recently, several companies’ short code services have been terminated for non-compliance. These service terminations and the resulting legal proceedings illustrate the risks for many small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) if they do not understand industry rules surrounding text message mobile marketing programs or the consequences of non-compliance. The white paper, “Text Message Mobile Marketing: Risks for Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), Agents, and SMBs Involved with Non-Compliant Programs” is available at http://www.streetsavings.com/pdfs/SS-Risks-White-Paper-10012010.pdfFor SMBs, implementing text message programs like the ones benefitting large retailers can be cost prohibitive. Many SMBs elect to partner with mobile marketing providers who utilize a “shared short code” model — the process of grouping hundreds or thousands of SMBs under a single short code — in order to bring costs down. When implemented within industry guidelines, however, shared short codes are not cost effective since required program briefs and fees erode savings. The Street Savings white paper discusses: • the regulatory requirements for mobile text message marketing programs as set forth by the Mobile Marketing Association and the wireless industry • the consequences of running non-compliant programs • the increased likelihood of program shutdowns with shared short code providers • an alternative approach that is cost-effective and compliant “It’s a buyer-beware market,” according to Pal Flagg, Chief Operating Officer at Street Savings. “This white paper gives SMBs valuable insights into the compliance issue and provides actionable information,” he adds. As a certified content provider of mobile marketing products, Street Savings supports efforts by the Mobile Marketing Association and the wireless industry to protect consumers and merchants involved with mobile marketing programs. About Street Savings Street Savings provides mobile marketing solutions that increase revenue for merchants, acquiring banks and independent sales organizations by easily and cost effectively mobilizing their gift and loyalty programs. The company’s Mobile Rewards and Mobile Coupons products utilize mobile text messaging in coordination with existing payment networks, credit card terminals, and Point of Sale (POS) systems to enable merchants to market directly to customers’ mobile devices. Businesses of any size and number of locations can quickly and proactively create individualized text marketing campaigns that build brand loyalty and increase sales. For more information, visit www.streetsavings.com.