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Reveal Mobile & Unacast Partner for Webinar "Beacons & Bacon & Brews"

September 7, 2016
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Two of the biggest names in beacon data partner for an informative and entertaining webinar about beacons in dining, retail, and more. Reveal Mobile & Unacast share use cases, case studies, and data on Sept 28th, 2pm ET. Spend 30 minutes with Unacast and Reveal Mobile and learn almost everything about beacons in the food, dining, retail, and other industries. Understanding with accuracy one’s physical location and their behaviors is the holy grail of advertising. There is untapped and powerful value exchange potential between brands and consumers based on eating patterns, location history, and favorite foods. Join Reveal Mobile and Unacast to understand the opportunity behind beacon technology and driving lift for your business objectives. After a quick introduction to the beacon and proximity ecosystem, we’ll drill down into very specific data derived from Bluetooth beacons in restaurants, bars, and eateries around the country. You’ll gain visibility into which brands deploy beacons, how many, and what we know about the devices visiting those locations - demographics, behaviors, other locations visited. We’ll explore specific use cases for beacons and beacon data in numerous industries, including retargeting and attribution, highlighted with successful case studies. More info & registration here: