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Reveal Mobile & Digital2GO Media Networks Partner for Beacon Powered Mobile Audience Data

November 9, 2015
Submitted by Reveal Mobile

Reveal Mobile, a leading mobile audience analytics platform, and Digital2GO Media Networks (D2GO), a global player in proximity-based consumer engagement, partner to share two unique data sources, both of which they derive from Bluetooth beacons.

D2GO creates value for their customers by providing real-time, location-aware alerts primarily based upon their global network of Bluetooth beacons. People using apps with their technology receive prompts to engage with content relevant to their location, such as receiving offers when entering a retail location outfitted with D2GO beacons.

Reveal Mobile, on the other hand, is building a nationwide database of every beacon installed inside businesses, stadiums, venues, airports, or shopping malls. Their technology sits inside hundreds of news and weather apps, reaching millions of users monthly. Their SDK detects beacons anywhere in the world. As devices bump into beacons that the company has classified as a particular business type, they build anonymous audience segments based upon these real-world behaviors: business traveler, sports fans, frequent shoppers.

In this partnership, Reveal Mobile shares their mobile audience data, and the devices they see “bumping” into D2GO beacons, in exchange for D2GO’s beacon names and locations.

“One of the hurdles of using beacons for real-time, location-based ads is having a large enough mobile audience to make the effort worthwhile. If only 1-2% of retail visitors have that retailer’s app installed, the brand is severely limited in the amount they can learn about their mobile audience. ”, said Mike Canevaro, CEO of D2GO. “We chose Reveal Mobile to help overcome these hurdles because of their scale and proven technology. Their nationwide network of apps creates a larger pool of audience data for our customers, thus expanding the amount of devices bumping into D2GO’s beacons.

Reveal Mobile shares their comprehensive audience info with D2GO, along with the demographic and behavioral data previously associated with the device. D2GO is now empowered to share this audience data with their own customers, as well as reach these devices across the ad networks to earn additional revenue.

Reveal Mobile CEO Brian Handly offers, “Our mission is to create the world’s most valuable source of mobile audience data. Key to that mission is using Bluetooth beacons to aid in determining device location. While we can detect and classify any Bluetooth beacon, whether it’s iBeacon, Eddystone, or some other format, we always prefer to source the data directly when possible. We arrive at definitive answers and powerful audience data much more quickly when working in tandem with partners like D2GO.”

About Reveal Mobile 
Reveal Mobile’s audience analytics platform provides mobile audience data to improve product and advertising performance. App publishers using Reveal Mobile’s mobile audience segments see increases of 175-477% in advertising performance, with corresponding 50-200% increases in advertising revenue. Our customers include Sinclair Broadcast Group, WSI - The Professional Services Division of The Weather Company, E.W. Scripps, Capitol Broadcasting Company, DoApp, and Baron Weather.

About Digital2GO Media Networks 
Digital2Go (D2GO) is location-based media & technology company focused on redefining Consumer Engagement at retail and beyond. By deploying a global proximity beacon network, D2GO enables Retailers to provide consumers with incentives and offers, rewards, advertising and even entertainment and gaming content to drive increased sales and improve consumer loyalty and affinity. D2GO has developed innovative and proprietary technology that combines mobile devices, a smart cloud platform, and Bluetooth© Smart, WiFi, and GPS to aggregate advertising, entertainment, digital commerce and media.