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Quarter of European Consumers More Likely to Respond to Advertising If Offered A Mobile Response Option (September 2010)

September 23, 2010

Latest MMA-Lightspeedresearch reveals SMS shortcodes to be most effective response mechanism

London, Paris and Berlin: 13th September, 2010 - The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) (www.mmaglobal.com) and research partner, Lightspeed Research (www.lightspeedresearch.com), today released results of the latest UK, French and German Mobile Consumer Briefing reports on advertising with mobile response options. The research found that, on average, a quarter of consumers would be more likely to respond to advertising in any media if it allowed them to do so using their mobile device. Of the most common mobile response options, texting a keyword to a shortcode was consumers’ preferred method for responding to adverts in each country.

In this month’s study, respondents were asked about their awareness of and preferences for mobile response options and how it would enhance their engagement with advertising. Consumers of all age groups demonstrated high levels of awareness and response across multiple media delivery methods, including print media, cinema, radio, outdoor and in-store advertising.

Television advertising was most frequently mentioned for its inclusion of mobile response mechanisms across all three markets, and was perceived by consumers to be the media where mobile response was most effective. UK consumers however emerged as being more likely to respond via mobile to adverts seen on a PC or laptop, while those seen in a print magazine or on a PC or laptop were most popular in France. Direct mail came out on top for consumer response via mobile in Germany.

Key findings included:

  • On average, 25% of consumers (31% UK, 24% France and 20% Germany) felt that they would be more likely to respond to an advert that provided a mobile response cue.
  • In the UK, mobile response advertising seen on a PC or laptop elicited a higher activity rate in the last month (25%) than other media. In France, print advertising or advertising delivered via a PC or laptop was the most popular (34%), while direct mail was ranked the highest in Germany (23%).
  • Texting a keyword to a shortcode was recognized as the best way to gain a response in all three countries, while going to a mobile site or calling a number were also popular across all markets.

“Enabling consumers to respond to traditional advertising methods via mobile is a great way of bringing adverts to life and increasing their impact with today’s highly mobile consumer. Using mobile as an access point enables consumers to engage with brands of their choice whenever and wherever they want. Integrating mobile response mechanisms into other advertising channels also provides an effective way of assessing return on investment from which to shape future campaigns and understand consumer behaviour,” said Dr. Peter A. Johnson, VP of Market Intelligence for the MMA.

“These regular reports represent invaluable insight to marketers on key issues that can help them understand the opportunities that mobile enables,” said Ralph Risk, Marketing Director, EMEA, Lightspeed Research. “It is interesting to note that television was the most recognised channel for providing mobile response, and the one that consumers felt would be the most effective, yet it did not generate the highest response. Marketers need to understand the best channels to help encourage consumers to respond to their campaigns, both in terms of the media channels available but also the response mechanisms.”

Editor’s notes:

Conducted from July 1st to July 5th 2010, the research surveyed respondents in the UK, Germany and France who owned a mobile phone about their experience with adverts that provided a mobile response option and how they had acted as a result. The survey covered manufacturer of mobile phone, current mobile phone operator, message (text) plan used, exposure and response to adverts that provide a mobile response cue, preference for which media is best suited to mobile response and whether mobile response increases likelihood to respond to adverts.

 A monthly online survey of British, French and German consumers’ mobile marketing behaviours and opinions conducted on the Lightspeed Research omnibus, the MMA Mobile Consumer Briefing features input from 1,000 adult consumers in each market, screened to be demographically representative of the adult consumer population as a whole. Each Consumer Briefing includes a 2- to 3-page executive summary, all survey questions and up to 50 tables of detailed results. Survey responses are provided both in aggregate and in cross-tabulation by standard audience demographics, such as age, gender and income, as well as wireless carrier and handset manufacturer.

MMA Mobile Consumer Briefings on this topic are also available for the US market. To learn more about the MMA’s market research benefits, visit the MMA’s Research Home Page.

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