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Proudly Announce The Launch of GO Trace by App Samurai

March 5, 2018

As App Samurai, we are improving ourselves each day to serve you better. While generating informative and topical articles about mobile marketing, we are producing practical tools on behalf of mobile apps. The one we’ve recently launched is GO Trace which is affiliate link testing and monitoring platform.

As you know, affiliates marketing brings you visitor or customer through the affiliate’s own marketing efforts and you rewards them. This process includes more than one affiliate links.

At this point, I want to introduce you with GO Trace. It is recently born baby of App Samurai.

With its strong features, it is standing in an assertive position. Let’s deep into its benefits:

  • It is easy to see the affiliate link roadmap. Just copy and paste your tracking link, select country and platform. That’s all.
  • Without wasting your time, you can easily detect the broken links. So, GO Trace saves you from the hardest point. Moreover, it alerts you in a situation that one of your affiliate links gets broken thanks to its smart notification system.
  • Time interval of affiliate link monitoring is up to you! Choose one interval among hourly, daily and weekly and start to monitor.
  • It has Slack and email integration. Notifications are sent according to your preference.

To summarize, affiliate link monitoring gets easy and fast with GO Trace. You can regularly monitor and test your affiliate links and keep informed when something goes wrong.

If you are ready, it is time to sign up! You can try it without signing up, but don't forget that you will gain free 250 GTs to test your affiliate links and monitor them without requiring credit card information if you sign up.