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PadSquad Transforms Mobile Advertising with Launch of Proprietary Mobile Ad Units

March 17, 2015
Submitted by PadSquad
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- PadSquad, a mobile software and advertising technology firm, today announced the introduction of four innovative new mobile ad units designed to elegantly help brands stand out in user-friendly placements across hundreds of PadSquad exclusive mobile websites. The proprietary ad units, entitled Brandscape, Inline Carousel, Hover and Wave, seek to push the boundaries of mobile advertising with high-impact, attention-grabbing features. A demo of these ads can be viewed here. The Brandscape offers advertisers stand-out exposure with unique branding of a site’s skin providing an ownable opportunity in contextually relevant environments. This type of format is commonly executed in desktop media but poses many challenges in mobile and for ad networks due to the lack of universal specs across many sites with varying CMS systems. The Inline Carousel and Hover deliver a unique method for creatively seeding a brand within a website’s article content stream. PadSquad has identified the most ideal injection points for these types of brand integrations to garner maximum results. The Wave creates a rich animated flow of branding elements that pleasantly rolls into the footer of an article page with just the right balance of user disruption. “Banner blindness is a reality and as we know users have very short attention spans! As time spent and content consumption on mobile devices continues to rise, it is crucial for brands to think beyond the banner and engage consumers in a more meaningful way. We are helping major brands close this gap with our inception of first-to-market ad formats that are delivered intelligently at the right moment within the context of a user’s experience, says Daniel Meehan, CEO and founder of PadSquad. Major Fortune 100 brands are taking notice of PadSquad’s unique proprietary ad offerings. Verizon, Intel, State Farm and Cablevision are the first to integrate with PadSquad incorporating the new units into their recent Q1 mobile advertising campaigns. While some new mobile ad units have suffered under the criticism that they are difficult to scale, PadSquad’s adaptive mobile web technology, which already powers hundreds of mobile devices and tablets websites, overcomes this obstacle. Since PadSquad has exclusive control of both the user experience and ad inventory, launching and distributing a mobile campaign using the new units over its network is greatly simplified. “It’s as easy as flipping a switch,” says Meehan. About PadSquad Founded in 2012 and based in New York City, PadSquad is a mobile software company focused on the intersection of digital content and advertising on mobile devices. Our proprietary mobile responsive software combines high-end user experiences and viewable rich media advertising to deliver meaningful results—measured and proven with an extensive suite of analytics. To learn more about PadSquad, visit: or follow us at @padsquadmedia. For PadSquad David Bray, 973-276-9400[email protected]Dan Meehan, Founder + CEO[email protected]