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Norwegian breakthrough in mobile advertising in Finland

January 26, 2009

Elisa, as the first company in the world to do so, is using Norwegian technology to launch mobile advertising in Finland. In its announcement to the Helsinki Stock Exchange the company describes this as ”a new era in the mobile world”.

The entire technological platform has been developed by the Norwegian company ComCom in Bergen.

- Achieving a breakthrough at last is a matter of considerable pride to us. And to have done it in Nokia’s homeland is extra gratifying, says Camilla Andersson, Managing Director of ComCom. The company has developed technology that makes it far more attractive for mobile companies to use it as a separate service. - Our solutions are not targeted at sending SMS and MMS, but at using the mobile phone display as an advertising arena. Our solution is the best way of presenting mobile advertising in a non-obtrusive way, says Andersson - Our solutions have been presented to a number of mobile operators, and all of them have been impressed. The technology we use is user-friendly, and this is also one of the reasons we are increasingly attracting the attention of the mobile industry, says Andersson.

When ComCom carried out a user survey in 2008 to test out mobile advertising as a channel, 80% of those interviewed said they had a positive impression of the solution, almost 70% said they would consider using the service, while nearly 30% would have purchased the product based on the advert they had received.

- Trend-setting advertisers have shown great interest, reflecting an awareness that the mobile phone is probably the world’s most powerful advertising channel, provided it is used correctly. It has to be a positive experience for the users, and in its optimal form the advert should be tailored for the individual, while at the same time ensuring that the advertisers gets the maximum return on their investment, says Andersson.

Elisa is known to be forward-looking and was the first mobile company in the world to use GSM technology.

Elisa has around two million customers in Finland.

For further information please contact: Camilla Andersson, Managing Director, ComCom AS +47 911 41 811 (mob.)