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July 20, 2011
Submitted by Nobot Inc,

TOKYO--Nobot Inc. administers the Ad Network "AdMaker" for smartphones, presented a survey study of iPhone and Android users in June 2011. This survey aims to shed light on smartphone users’ behaviors in Japan.

In this study, Nobot shown the survey conducted from June 10th to June 18th, 2011 targeting iPhone/Android users with AdMaker installed; received a total of 869 responses from iPhone and Android users all combined.

According to the survey question regards purchasing experiences via smartphones, 59% of iPhone users had this experience, whereas Android users amounted to only 44%. Statistics also shown 16.8% of iPhone users made more than 10 purchases, which by far exceeded the 5.4% of Android users. It can be assumed that the number of times for purchasing products via smartphones will increase in the near future.

The rest of the results from this survey are shown below:

Users’ Age and Gender
Regarding users’ gender, the statistics shown that within the iPhone users, 69.5% are male and 30.5% are female; and with Android users, it shown 71.9% are male and 28.1% are female. In terms of age, 12.8% of iPhone users are under 20-year-old, 32.7% in their 20s, 26.2% in their 30s, 21.7% in their 40s, 5.4% in their 50s, and 1.1% in their 60s; whereas 13.2% of Android users are under 20-year-old, 30.7% in their 20s, 29% in their 30s, 21% in their 40s, 4.7% in their 50s, and 1.4% in their 60s.

Regarding items purchased via smartphones.
Both iPhone and Android users bought products within "Books / CDs / DVDs" category the most, followed by "Consumer Electronics / TVs / PCs" and then "Fashion" products. In the results, compared to Android users, iPhone users made more purchases under "Travel / Tickets" and "Food / Drinks / Alcohol" categories.

Frequency of using Social Media
Among iPhone users, 54.5% selected Twitter as one of the social networking tool they frequently uses, followed by mixi (46.4%) and Facebook (30.3%). On the other hand, Android users use mobage and GREE more frequently.

Security issue on Android devices
Regarding the issue how users feel about the security for Android devices, 18.6% of the users answered "very concerned"; 44.8% answered "somewhat concerned"; 23.3% answered "neither concerned nor unconcerned"; 11.1% answered "not very concerned"; and 2.1% answered "not concerned at all", revealing more than 60% of users are concerned about the security issue on the Android devices.

Detail of this survey
Survey Period : 06/10/2011 ~ 06/18/2011
Survey Method : A banner displayed inside the application
that directed users to the survey page.
Surveyed Area : All countries
Target Demographic : iPhone/Android users using the application
Valid Responses : iPhone user’s survey: 446, Android users’ survey: 423

The result of the last survey conducted in March 2011 is downloadable at the link below:

The result of last survey conducted in March, 2011 was published below:

About AdMaker
“AdMaker” is a service to assist in maximizing advertising profits for those who manage smartphone targeted websites, as well as those who develop smartphone applications for iPhone/Android and other platforms. As in June 2011, approximately 2.1 billion ads have been shown through pay-per-click advertising networks, and more than 3,800 SDKs have been distributed. “AdMaker” offers both pay-per-click advertising, which is billed based on the number of clicks received; CPM (cost per impression) advertising, which is billed based on the number of times the ad appears; and Reward advertising, which is billed based on the number of apps installations.

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