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New Starcom Mobile Research Shows Early Adopters’ Fondness for Customized Ads

August 21, 2009
Submitted by Starcom USA

CHICAGO, July 30, 2009 - Starcom USA has conducted research to understand new consumer insights and behaviors surrounding peoples’ use of mobile devices, and found that in many ways, mobile devices are replacing the role of computers in daily life – particularly in the retrieval of “in the moment” information like weather and traffic updates. The research – phase two of a study released by the agency in January 2008 – produced data giving perspective on phase one insights, and revealed new opportunities on how marketers can best engage consumers through mobile devices.

Among the new insights from the research:

  • 63% of Mobile Content Consumers (people already using their mobile device for reasons beyond voice service) will use their mobile device to act on advertising in other media like out-of home ads and digital videos, particularly when on-the-go.
  • People are most likely to act on mobile ads for higher-end product categories, like automotive, electronics and computers.
  • Mobile has seamlessly fit into consumers’ daily activities, and advertising that complements these activities in-the-moment is most popular with consumers – contrary to old assumptions that “location-based” ads were considered intrusive.

“For a long time, we’ve all understood the power lying dormant in mobile media, and this research gives our clients the ability to move on strategic opportunities rooted in new, real behaviors,” said Vice President/Mobile Activation Director Brandon Starkoff. “The time is now to move on mobile opportunities like addressable ads and place-based contact, and these insights will move us in the right direction – giving consumers control over their brand interactions on these very personal devices.”

In addition to generating new insights, the research gave numerical context to unexpected insights generated from the phase one study. Among the stats:

  • For many daily activities, many Mobile Content Users say they can’t live without their mobile devices: 29% “could not live without” their mobile to access traffic/directions; 23% “could not live without” their mobile to access weather
  • Mobile is beginning to replace the computer for these “in-the-moment” tasks and for media multitasking. Among Heavy Mobile Content Users, 67% have switched to accessing weather on their mobile device vs. a device they used previously (i.e. computer); 52% have switched to their mobile for local/national news; and 46% have switched to their mobile for accessing sports scores.
  • Mobile eliminates traditional advertising “dayparts,” with content accessed when consumers are not thinking about other traditional media. Among Mobile Content Users, 69% access content on their mobile while waiting for people; 53% access content on their mobile while waiting at the airport/train station; 33% access content when they wake up in the morning.

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