New Mobile Marketing Platform, SMS, HLR Lookup | MMA Global
June 5, 2011
Submitted by Mobile Marketing Group

The Mobile Marketing Group (MMG) has just launched its web-based Mobile Marketing Platform, a mobile marketing and database cleaning solution.

Mobile Marketing is fast becoming the centre point of any successful DM campaign and data hygiene and security is of growing concern.

The MMG online messaging platform is connected to over 100 global destinations and complies with the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) best practice guidelines in the UK.

A unique feature within this platform is the application of the Direct Marketing Code of Practice in regards to bulk SMS/MMS marketing and two-way messaging in the UK.

The MMG SMS Messaging Platform automatically pauses outgoing bulk SMS messages in the UK, between the hours of 9pm and 9am and will continue the broadcast automatically after 9am.

While some bulk SMS service providers leave compliance of the DM code completely with the marketer, the MMG platform integrates best practice guidelines automatically.

Speaking on behalf of the Mobile Marketing Group, European development manager, Jason Bromley, said: “Mobile marketing via SMS is now receiving great criticism in the UK from consumers receiving text messages promoting products and services either very late into the night or early hours of the morning.

"This is normally down to marketers using the cheaper SMS marketing solutions, which are usually based outside of the UK where compliance to direct marketing codes is either not understood or not taken notice of. Compliance needs to start with the aggregators and passed down the line to marketers, ensuring everyone is compliant and not causing consumer harm.”

Rachel Aldighieri, head of marketing and communications at the DMA, says: “Recent DMA research highlights the power of mobile with almost half of consumers responding to mobile advertising going on to make some kind of purchase, making it integral to the business and marketing plans of every organisation. However, for mobile marketing to be truly successful, businesses need to build trust in the medium through accurate targeting and implementing comprehensive data security measures. In creating a product that adheres to DMA best practice guidelines, MMG is able to provide peace of mind to its customers while building trust in the medium .”


Posted by Sarah Wright DMA - Link