Netbiscuits Sees Traffic Double Within the Last Six Months and Delivered over 8 Billion Mobile Pages in March 2011 | MMA Global
April 12, 2011
Submitted by Netbiscuits

Netbiscuits Sees Traffic Double Within the Last Six Months and Delivered over 8 Billion Mobile Pages in March 2011

Netbiscuits CEO: Touch optimization is the next evolution of mobile sites

Reston, VA, April 12, 2011 – Netbiscuits, the world's leading cloud software service for cross-platform mobile sites and apps, today reports a traffic increase of 100 percent over the last six months. Today the company's mobile publishing platform delivers more than eight billion mobile pages per month for over 20,000 sites and apps. Netbiscuits' internal metrics show that the majority of all sites and apps recently built on their platform include touch-enabled features from day one. Netbiscuits' CEO Michael Neidhoefer regards touch optimization to be the order of the day for any mobile web presence.

Netbiscuits' HTML5+ Framework enables touch interaction on smartphones and media tablets while also catering for sites on the long tail of mobile devices. To understand how customers take advantage of the company's HTML5+ Framework to enable touch and gesture-driven user interfaces, Netbiscuits ran an analysis across the more than 20,000 mobile sites and apps that are based on the company's mobile development and publishing platform.  The results show that

  • 83% of all sites and apps recently created with Netbiscuits utilize touch-enabled features from day one.
  • 35% of all the sites and apps based on Netbiscuits today include touch-enabled features.
  • 20% of all new sites based on Netbiscuits go for a unified URL approach, adding tablets as an additional device class into their mobile web delivery concept with a tablet specific layout.
  • 3% of all sites based on Netbiscuits are already developed and optimized for tablets.
  • 68% of all touch-enabled sites based on Netbiscuits redirect tablets to smartphone versions of the site.

"Today almost every smartphone offers a touch and gesture-driven user interface. Consequently, touch optimization is especially important for mobile sites. Our growth rates show that touch and gesture-driven sites will set the standard for the mobile web in no time", says Michael Neidhoefer, CEO of Netbiscuits.

"But smartphone optimization alone is not enough", Neidhoefer continues. "A touch-enabled, app-like user experience for mobile sites and an optimized delivery to all mobile devices, including the long tail of feature phones, is vital.  Couple this with a single platform to deliver sites and apps and you have the key to implementing a true multi-screen strategy.  This is what we deliver to our customers every day to enable their success on multiple screens."

To help customers to implement touch-enabled sites and apps in a fast and cost-efficient manner, Netbiscuits provides their HTML5+ Framework that includes a comprehensive suite of mobile site building blocks which take advantage of the latest standards in HTML5, CSS3 and other technologies. These building blocks, known as "Biscuits", enable swiping picture galleries, floating bars, overlay menus and many other rich user experience features and can easily be implemented.