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Netbiscuits optimizes Mobile Web Sites for Playstation and other leading Game Consoles

March 30, 2009

Netbiscuits goes beyond mobile phones to television and enables the ultimate gaming experience

Reston VA., March 24th 2009 – Netbiscuits, the leading software platform for the creation, operation and monetization of the mobile Internet, now supports browsers on leading game consoles. Access to mobile web sites is now even possible using television.

Netbiscuits currently optimizes mobile web sites for leading game consoles such as Playstation, Portable and Nintendo DS as well as DS Lite. Mobile web browsers for next-generation consoles such as Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii and DSi will also be supported soon. According to the Entertainment Software Association, computer and video game industry hardware, software and peripheral sales climbed to $22 billion in 2008.

“Netbiscuits provides one platform for all devices. We are not stopping at mobile phones,” says Ran Farmer, Managing Director of Netbiscuits. Every device that has a browser can display web pages. Netbiscuits adapts the pages dynamically so that they can be optimized for viewing on any terminal.”

This optimization also applies to television screens. Netbiscuits automatically adapts web sites to fit screen resolution, whether the television standard is PAL or HDTV.

“Standard PC web sites are not shown to a satisfactory standard on television sets. Usually the lettering is too small which hinders navigation and complicates usability“, remarks Farmer. “It is a different matter for web sites which have been created using Netbiscuits. They are automatically adjusted to the relevant terminal. It makes no difference whether it is an iPhone or a TV set. A mobile Internet page is much more suitable than a traditional web site to be shown on a television.”