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September 15, 2009

MMA’s Mobile Marketing Forum reveals mobile to be a fully integrated part of the marketing strategy for several of the world’s top brands

New York, London, Sao Paulo and Singapore, September 2009 – The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) today announced the successful conclusion of the Mobile Marketing Forum in Berlin last week, citing a clear message from many of the world’s top brands that mobile marketing is now a core part of their marketing strategies and is here to stay. As testified by brands such as Auto Trader, the BBC, BMW, Coca-Cola, Deutsche Post, Lufthansa, Nestlé, Nike, Pepsi and Procter and Gamble, when mobile is integrated into the wider marketing mix and employed in a way that ensures measurement and tracking, it delivers enormously effective campaigns with real business value. Specific campaign spends and performance metrics were included and many of the results were spectacular when compared to the targets and results achieved through other channels alone.

178 onsite attendees representing brands (25%), agencies (25%), operators (10%), technology enablers (30%) and press (10%), as well as 202 live web stream subscribers from around the world gathered to hear how BMW uses mobile as a relevant consumer touch point to offer real value to its customers, how usability – short, simple and fast mechanics – is key for Lufthansa and how Procter and Gamble’s use of mobile has resulted in 80% brand recall. Echoed by attendees and speakers alike was the clear message that if a brand is not incorporating mobile into their overall strategy, they are already behind in their marketing efforts. 13 press interviews with publications including VentureBeat, Kreativ, BNetTV and Mobile Media were given at the event, demonstrating that the industry’s elite press clearly recognize the success of the event overall and the substantial meaning behind the content presented.

“Consumers are changing,” said Hinde Pagani, Coca-Cola’s Senior Mobile Marketing Manager, Global Interactive Marketing, in her keynote on Coca-Cola’s global approach to mobile marketing. “Audiences are changing dramatically, especially the younger ones. They live with technology, using it to consume more media, generate more conversations and befriend more brands than ever. Mobile is at the centre of this media revolution. For us it is critical to understand this new device, to interact with teens and youth where they spend their time and deliver engaging and compelling brand experiences. So we add mobile to the marketing mix in pretty much all of our markets.”

“The services that we have set up for our customers using the mobile channel such as flight booking and check in have been a great success for us and are an ideal fit with our clientele,” said Marcus Casey, Director of Global Ecommerce and Mobile Services at Lufthansa in his presentation on the use of mobile within the airline industry. “We’ve received an extremely positive response which indicates huge acceptance among our consumer base and a massive future for mobile marketing services in the travel industry and beyond.”

Edward Kershaw, Vice President of Mobile Media for EMEA at The Nielsen Company, said of the Forum, “An excellent conference. In fact, I think it’s the best of its kind I’ve ever been to. Great brands, very good presentations... great venue and altogether a slick operation.”

“The Mobile Marketing Forum has been a great proof point for the adoption of mobile into the mainstream of brand communications. We’ve had an absolutely great response, even in these times of curtailed travel budgets, with solid representation from right across the mobile marketing industry and clear commitment to making the channel a successful one. We will continue to play a central role in helping our members and the wider ecosystem to further develop and make the road to market as smooth and efficient as possible,” said Mike Wehrs, President and CEO of the MMA.

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