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Mobile Search Working Group Established to Help Monetize the Wireless Web

October 5, 2005
Mobile Search Working Group Established to Help Monetize the Wireless Web

Mobile Search will be the next value driver for operators and brands

BELLEVUE, WA, October 5, 2005 — The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) today announced the establishment of a Mobile Search Working Group designed to establish guidelines for a search marketing ecosystem. The Mobile Search Working Group will help operators maximize value from search as well as provide an efficient search ecosystem for advertisers and content providers in the mobile space.

“The Mobile Search Working Group is another example of industry wide collaboration within the Mobile Marketing Association,” said Jim Manis, Global Chair of the MMA and senior vice-president M-Qube. “Mobile Search will help carriers monetize out-of-garden content and capture advertising revenues, while allowing merchants to target consumers at the moment they are looking to buy. The Working Group, within the Mobile Marketing Association, will work to establish the guidelines and best practices around the mobile search ecosystem”

The goal of the working group is to develop common business models, operating procedures and technology interfaces that allow operators to offer an integrated, carrier branded mobile search experience to their subscribers - as well as help merchants and content providers monetize their opportunities in the mobile ecosystem. The Mobile Search Working Group will help establish the guidelines for companies, across the value chain, to help them better understand and create value from the mobile search experience.

The Chairperson of the Mobile Search Working Group is Eric McCabe, Vice President of Marketing for JumpTap, Inc. “Mobile search is more than indexing web pages – it’s about marketing to customers who want to buy. The fast-growing mobile data market needs mobile-specific search solutions to give the world’s two billion wireless users a quick, easy, and fun entry point to content within the walled garden as well as on the mobile web,” stated McCabe. “The Mobile Search Working Group is a collaboration of experts from the mobile telecom, search, and content industries. The purpose is to advance the uses of mobile search by carriers, advertisers, and content providers in the expanding mobile economy.”

The Mobile Search Working Group is open for participation to all current Mobile Marketing Association members. For those companies and individuals interested in joining, please contact Laura Marriott, MMA Executive Director at [email protected].

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