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Mobile phones are increasingly influential in product purchases

June 20, 2012

Montreal, June 20, 2012 — Mobile phones have become a major influence in the way consumers make their purchases, whether that means checking
availability of products, comparing prices, reading reviews or getting advice, according to Mobindex, an ongoing quarterly study of mobile phone usage.

Mobindex’s most recent survey looked into mobile phone usage in the Canadian renovation and retail industry.

“The study shows that consumers search on a regular basis for information related to their renovation projects on the web, using their mobile
phone or tablet, consulting advertiser sites directly, but also in large numbers through standard search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing,” says Malik
Yacoubi, Vice President of Mobile Marketing at Cossette, which conducts the Mobindex survey. “Therefore, strong media positioning (SEO/SEM) is essential
for the mobile site offer.”

“Furthermore, we noted that over 37.7% of 18- to 34-year-olds own a tablet. Also, high-income families, those making $75,000 or more, also have
more tablets than households that make less than $75,000 per year, 42.8% vs. 18.8%”, adds Mr. Yacoubi. “This leads us to think that tablet users are mainly
young adults from affluent backgrounds. This is an important insight for advertisers seeking to reach this target and an excellent opportunity to
position themselves with this particularly desirable clientele.”

“Not only is smartphone (40.3%) and tablet usage (63.8%) widespread in searching for home improvement products, we also know that most decisions are
directly taken in-store. And to make their decisions, many smartphone users search for advice during their in-store visits, as 45.1% of people call a
friend and 38.9% send a picture to a relative. Mobile devices allow decision-makers and messenger to be connected in real time,’ said Mr. Yacoubi. “Advertisers can no longer ignore this tool to engage with consumers.”

These are some of the findings of the Spring 2012 Mobindex survey of mobile phone users conducted in Canada between March 23 and 26.

Mobindex is a quarterly survey of mobile marketing in Canada. Each survey focuses on a specific industry sector.

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