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Mobile Marketing Association Supports ioglobal Inc.’s Three Screen Trial

April 11, 2008
 Mobile Marketing Association Supports ioglobal Inc.’s Three Screen Trial

nitiative’s outcomes expected to have industry-wide impact in the area of mobile measurement

New York, NY )April 7, 2008) – Today, ioglobal Inc. announced that it has received the support of the Mobile Marketing Association )MMA) )) for its trial of integrated mobile-TV-PC marketing measurement practices.

The goal of ioglobal’s Three Screen Trial is to arrive at an optimal framework for assessing the role of mobile in integrated campaigns. For the first time, user response to branded content delivered on both mobile and PC platforms will be correlated with television viewing data. Outcomes from the Three Screen Trial are expected to provide MMA’s constituency with key insights on such issues as mobile marketing targeting and measurement.

ioglobal, a spin off of British Telecommunications’ ventures program, is a worldwide provider of integrated mobile content solutions for wireless network operators, media companies, advertisers and advertising agencies to enhance the mobile experience for consumers.

“We are pleased to be supporting ioglobal on the Three Screen Trial,” commented Laura Marriott, president of MMA. “Measurement is key to all players in the ecosystem in order to drive mobile investment and maximize brand engagement with the mobile channel. The Three Screen Trial results will be one of the first steps in supporting the effectiveness of mobile in a cross media environment.”

The MMA is the premier global non-profit trade association established to lead the growth of mobile marketing and its associated technologies. The MMA launched a Measurement initiative in mid-2007 to respond to the need to develop consistent industry metrics to measure the success of the mobile channel.

ioglobal’s Three Screen Trial will be conducted in partnership with major media companies and advertisers. Advertising campaigns launched during the trial will integrate several mobile marketing tactics in use today such as banner ads, pre-roll, post-roll and in-stream videos, as well as SMS and pure content sponsorship. This launch will provide the mobile marketing industry with new mechanisms for measuring the role and effectiveness of mobile in integrated campaigns.

“The Three Screen Trial will provide a ‘live lab’ to evaluate mobile’s impact on both sales and brand health,” explained Bob DeSena, ioglobal Inc.’s general manager for North America. “Because of the unique characteristics of ioglobal’s platform, we are able to respond to the industry’s need for greater knowledge of integrated communications and the impact of different strategies on campaign outcomes.”


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