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Mobile Marketing Association Membership Reaches Record Levels

June 23, 2008
Mobile Marketing Association Membership Reaches Record Levels
Expansion reflects growing global momentum of mobile channel adoption
Denver, CO & London, UK, Hong Kong, SãoPaulo – June 23 2008 - The Mobile Marketing Association )MMA) )), which currently represents over 650 member companies, today announced the addition of 51 new member companies representing a cross-section of the global mobile marketing ecosystem.
Laura Marriott, president of the MMA commented, “The rapid rate at which our membership is growing demonstrates the importance of the mobile channel and the recognized need for industry wide collaboration to create the framework for mobile media guidelines and best practices required for ongoing sustainable growth and consumer protection.  The diversity of our membership continues to reinforce our ability to successfully meet the needs of driving effective collaboration across all parts of the mobile marketing ecosystem.”
In April this year the MMA published the global Mobile Advertising Guidelines, designed to encourage the uptake of mobile advertising by brands worldwide by creating a framework for brands and media companies to deliver mobile advertising in a positive and consistent way. The guidelines received backing from associations such as IAB UK and Mexico, dotMobi Advisory Group )MAG), ADMA and others.
“Forums such as the MMA that bring all facets of the industry together to address the needs of today’s marketers are vital for the continued propagation of the market,” said Courtney Jane Acuff, vice president and director for Denuo, a division of Publicis based in Chicago. “The MMA is a widely recognised, well respected and effective trade association of which we make it a priority to be actively involved in.”
The latest companies to join the MMA are: 
  • Advanced Interactive Sciences, LLC       
  • Amdocs Management Limited    
  • Ansible Mobile  
  • Buzzd  
  • Catalyst Mobile, Inc.     
  • Catapult Marketing        
  • Cha Cha Search, Inc.    
  • Comverse
  • Cox Newspapers
  • Echovox, Inc.
  • EkoBuzz Inc.    
  • Fox News Channel        
  • Globo Comunicacao e Participacoes S/A )
  • Handmade Mobile Entertainment
  • Icare Research Institute 
  • Impact Mobile Inc.
  • Inside Mobile    
  • Kantar  
  • LifeLock
  • Media Layers    
  • mInfo Information Technology Co., Ltd.    
  • Miyowa.
  • Mobile Traffic Network               
  • Mobise )A.T.A. Telecom Business Unit)
  • MobiTX, Inc.     
  • MyScreen Mobile Inc. 
  • Nova Ventus Consulting SL        
  • Numobiq Inc.    
  • Plutolife LLC     
  • pontomobi interactive     
  • Predicto Mobile LLC      
  • Publicis NA )Denuo Group, Leo Burnett & Starcom)
  • S View, LLC
  • Salient Mobility LLC
  • space150
  • SUMOTEXT, Inc.
  • Tapioca Mobile
  • Tedexis
  • Telecom Personal S.A.  
  • Telefónica SA   
  • Televisa / Esmas Movil  
  • Terra Networks 
  • TIM w.e. SA     
  • uLocate Communications, Inc.   
  • Umber Systems
  • Universo Online S.A. )UOL)
  • VoodooVox
  • Western Union Mobile   
  • Whoop Inc.       
A complete listing of all MMA members can be found at .  To become a member, please contact [email protected]
About the Mobile Marketing Association )MMA)
The Mobile Marketing Association )MMA) is the premier global non-profit trade association established to lead the growth of mobile marketing and its associated technologies. The MMA is an action-oriented organization designed to clear obstacles to market development, establish mobile media guidelines and best practices for sustainable growth, and evangelize the use of the mobile channel. The more than 650 member companies, representing over forty countries around the globe, include all members of the mobile media ecosystem. The Mobile Marketing Association’s global headquarters are located in the United States and in 2007 it formed the North America )NA), Europe Middle East & Africa )EMEA), Latin American )LATAM) and Asia Pacific )APAC) branches. For more information, please visit
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