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Mobile Marketing Association Announces Asia’s First Mobile Marketer Certification Programme in Singapore (September 2010)

September 8, 2010

For the first time, Professionals outside of the United States get the Unique Opportunity to Learn and Earn Credentials for Mastery in Mobile Marketing Fundamentals

Singapore, September 8, 2010 – The MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) ( today announced the launch of its Certified Mobile Marketer Programme: MMA Track in Singapore, its first localized certification course for the Asia Pacific region. This was announced at the launch of the Digital Advertising Alliance by the Media Development Authority in Singapore today.

As mobile marketing and advertising gains traction globally, it is imperative to equip marketers with the skills required to compete on a global level. With the technology evolving rapidly, it is also essential to keep abreast of all the changes in the industry, bearing in mind the personal nature of the mobile device for the consumer. Open to mobile professionals and individuals involved in mobile campaigns, the programme is designed to educate both individuals and organisations on mobile marketing best practices, privacy issues and guidelines on various methods of marketing to consumers on mobile.

“Singapore is at the centre of the regional mobile ecosystem in Asia, a base for global players as well as a launch pad for innovative start-ups. In addition, with over 6.8 mobile phone subscriptions, the market has proven itself to be an ideal test bed for mobile marketing and advertising campaigns, which can then be rolled out through the region. With a view of Singapore’s position within the region, we’re delighted to launch our first localized Certified Mobile Market Program for Asia Pacific here today, to enable marketing professionals to increase their knowledge and expertise in mobile marketing and advertising,” said Rohit Dadwal, Managing Director, Mobile Marketing Association Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

 “The Program will cater to all those interested in learning more and pursuing a career in mobile marketing, and is especially relevant to brands and agencies based here running local or multi-market campaigns. The MMA is also currently reviewing Consumer Best Practice Guidelines and plans to roll this out in Singapore. This will provide the recommended set of guidelines to ensure a better experience for wireless subscribers,” he added.

Dr Christopher Chia, Chief Executive Officer of MDA said, “Just as the proliferation of IDM innovations will help shape the development of our digital advertising sub-sector, the success of the digital advertising industry will also have a significant bearing on the long-term sustainability and vibrancy of our IDM sector. Hence, the partnership between advertising and IDM is a powerful one with immense potential, bringing together both the ‘right brain’ – creativity – and the ‘left brain’ – technology – to strategically position Singapore to benefit from the digital media boom that is happening all around the world. MDA will be working closely with our fellow government agencies and the industry to unlock the growth potential in digital advertising.”

“We recognize the need to formulate and promote common standards and guidelines to help build a healthy and thriving digital advertising industry. This undoubtedly requires collaborative efforts from the industry in terms of endorsement and implementation. I am glad to learn that the Mobile Marketing Association is launching its Certified Mobile Marketer Program for Asia Pacific here today, and Singapore will be the first market in the region to role this out. I am also happy to hear that the MMA is exploring the possibility of introducing guidelines for Consumers Best Practices in Singapore, the first organisation in Singapore to do so,” said RADM (NS) Lui Tuck Yew, Ag Minister, MICA

To ensure that participants who become certified under this program are adept in critical areas of mobile marketing knowledge, all aspects of the program emphasise the MMA’s best practices and guides. From the programme, marketers will have a firmer grasp of the mobile ecosystem, as well as the necessary knowledge and tools to ensure that, in every mobile marketing campaign, consumer preferences and privacy are respected.

By ensuring the highest industry standards and providing a seal of approval that brands, agencies and other employees can use to identify the individuals and organizations best qualified to create and execute mobile marketing campaigns, the certification program will be beneficial to the entire mobile marketing ecosystem. The MMA certifications will also be recognized by other industry partners as part of the MMA’s collaborative approach.

There are three certification tiers to the Certified Mobile Marketer Program: MMA Track with increasingly higher levels of knowledge and experience required as a person moves from one tier to the next and today we announce the launch of the first tier of the certification program. Each tier consists of different aspects of the mobile industry and various topics such as mobile campaign regulatory requirements, key industry terminology and mobile campaign budgeting. For a limited period, the introductory price for the course is US$199 for members and US$249 for non members.

To those enrolled in the program, educational resources will be made available to inform and help guide the participants towards successful completion of the Certified Mobile Marketer Program: MMA Track and becoming Mobile Marketing Compliance Professionals.

The MMA is also currently reviewing Consumer Best Practice Guidelines and plans to roll this out in Singapore. This will provide recommended set of guidelines to ensure a better experience for the wireless subscribers specially pertaining to mobile advertising for premium rate services (PRS).

For registration details and additional information about the MMA’s Certified Mobile Marketer Program, visit

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