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Lou Paskalis of Bank of America Joins MMA Global as President, Chief Operating Officer

October 6, 2021

The Influential Marketer and Industry Leader is One of Many Upcoming Talent and Board Additions as Part of a Broader Effort to Further Power MMA’s Mission to “Architect the Future of Marketing”

Lou Paskalis, former Senior Vice President, Customer Engagement and Media Investment at Bank of America, has joined MMA Global as President and Chief Operating Officer, reporting to CEO Greg Stuart.

In the newly created position, Paskalis will be responsible for spearheading some of MMA’s core initiatives, such as the newly launched DATT (Data in Marketing Think Tank), as well as leading MMA’s industry engagement, marketing, and membership growth. MMA Global is the non-profit global industry association for CMOs, focusing on “Architecting the Future of Marketing” and is governed by an experienced board of the world’s most prominent CMOs, Tech and Media leaders, plus support from an international MMA team in 15 countries.

“I am very excited to be joining the leadership team at MMA Global, which is actively trying to solve the most important and complex challenges marketers are grappling with in this ultra fast-paced and constantly evolving marketing and data ecosystem,” Paskalis said. “Over the last nine years, I’ve played a dynamic role in helping to shape much of that agenda for the MMA directly as an active member of several of the boards, but now I will also have the opportunity to help directly drive the insights, knowledge exchange and in some cases the actual solutions that will enable marketers to better compete for consumer attention and deliver more personalized and relevant experiences in a sustainable, privacy-first and consumer-friendly way.”

Paskalis — who at Bank of America was responsible for go-to-market strategy, media investment, marketing data enablement, permissible data use governance, the AdTech stack, in addition, leading the group that did pioneering work in Brand Safety and Suitability — said he has long been attracted to MMA Global’s unique membership model, which encompasses brands, publishers, technology solutions companies, and agencies. “No other trade association brings the entire ecosystem together like this, which allows us to take on challenges in a way that leverages the perspectives and expertise of all sides of the equation,” he explained.

“The MMA Global Boards and I could not be more excited to have Lou join MMA Global’s leadership team,” Stuart said. “Having already served on many of MMA’s Boards and Think Tanks, his leadership is unparalleled, as he has been integral to our success and strategy the last few years. Lou has proven himself as one of the marketing industry’s most visionary and critical thinking marketing practitioners, with a complete command of how the whole of the modern marketing ecosystem functions, with strong points of view about where improvements must be made. He is a powerful addition to MMA Global’s mission to ‘Architect the Future of Marketing’ supporting all CMOs and marketing-driven companies to modernize.”

In accepting his new position, Paskalis will relinquish the Chairmanship of MMA Global’s Media and Data Board. Prior to serving in that role, Paskalis was Chair of the North American Board of MMA Global. He remains an active member of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Media Growth Council, The IAB’s Brand Advisory Council and the Board of the Media Research Council (MRC), as well as several partner advisory councils, including those of Twitter, SNAP, NextDoor and Vox Media. Paskalis is a frequent public speaker and advocates supporting quality local journalism and restoring consumer trust in the digital domain.

Stuart said, “the marketing industry is navigating the most turbulent era any of us can recall. Marketers are dealing with dramatically changed consumer expectations, powerful new platforms, and complex technological transformations that forever alter how marketing is defined and delivered. MMA believes there are many areas marketers don’t fully understand or have the experience, and too many things we think are true that just aren’t so. MMA’s vision has been that we need to bring together the whole marketing ecosystem - marketers, publishers, tech, and agencies – working collaboratively to bring solutions, new knowledge, and tools that provide real business impact – the collaboration is MMA’s superpower.” Greg Stuart, who had previously turned around the IAB, has established some of the ad industry’s most critical standards and measurement modernization, went on to say, “Lou’s joining is another step in the MMA journey, and I am as energized as ever about MMA Global’s role in architecting the future of marketing. Simply put, MMA believes marketing and marketers can be better, and MMA has a plan to accomplish that”.

Under Stuart’s guidance over the past ten years, MMA Global has been transformed into a significant force for a more robust marketing industry, focusing on leading CMOs into the future. Stuart and his team have nearly tripled MMA Global’s revenues during his tenure, growing to 85 team members supporting operations and over two dozen events in 15 countries. The MMA Global Board includes CMOs from GM, Visa, AT&T, Salesforce, Walmart, Peloton, MLB, Adobe, and more and senior executives from Google, Twitter, Yahoo, The Trade Desk, SNAP, UM, and many others.

Among MMA Global’s recent accomplishments is its work on marketing cross-channel measurement and advancing a people-based measurement, which is best captured in an approach called Multi-Touch Attribution. In the five years since MMA Global established its Marketing Attribution Think Tank (MATT), marketer adoption of MTA increased by nearly 50%. Earlier this year, a new marketing growth framework was released in MMA’s Outcome-Based Marketing 2.0, which applies the principles of “Money Ball” to marketing and media segmentation planning that beats conventional approaches by +50%.

In addition, MMA Global recently established its Data Think Tank (DATT), including a soon-to-be-launched Data Maturity Tool, developed with EY, supporting marketers in understanding how advanced or not they are compared to their peers. MMA Global is also guiding marketers as they seek solutions to the deprecation of cookies and IDFA through its Great Identifiers Debates series and adjacent work in DATT on the struggle to connect consumer activity cross-channel for purposes of attribution and orchestration. Lastly, MMA’s revolutionary development in MMA’s Marketing Org Strategy Think Tank (MOSTT) can now tie marketing org decisions to overall company sales performance.

Upcoming MMA Global events include IMPACT Vietnam-October 7-8; DATT Unplugged Virtual- October 13; and MOSTT Unplugged Virtual, October 19; Innovate Brazil-Oct. 20; Impact Indonesia-Oct 21-22; Impact London-Nov 4; Dubai-November 9: and Paris in December. For information on all of MMA Global’s events and to register for its events, visit https://www.mmaglobal.com/events.

For more information on MMA Global, visit https://www.mmaglobal.com/.


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