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Latcom joins the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)

June 5, 2018

Latcom joins the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)

Buenos Aires, June 2018.- Latcom an international firm specialized in Out Of Home (OOH) media announced its incorporation to the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) for the whole Latam region.

“Our incorporation to the MMA reflects the tight relation that nowadays exists between OOH and the mobile world; they are ideal and effective complements for every communication campaign.  Out Of Home (OOH) is a mass communication system and at the same time segmented that complements and potentiates in a simple and effective manner to the digital devices, creating a viral synergy and permits completing the stimulation process that leads to the conversion in clicks, sales or downloads”, Valentín Bueno, Latcom´s CEO stated. “Integrating this network of more than 800 associated companies worldwide and interacting with people with whom we share the same vision of the business future is essential for our industry´s growth”, he concluded.

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