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Lamar Advertising Company and Blue Bite Partner to Expand Mobile Interactivity

January 22, 2015
Submitted by Blue Bite
New York, NY – Today, Lamar Advertising Company (Nasdaq: LAMR), one of the largest outdoor advertising companies in North America, announces its new partnership with Blue Bite, the Mobile Standard in Out-of-Home, which will give advertisers the ability to create measurable mobile campaigns through the use of outdoor media. The addition of mobile touchpoints to Lamar’s transit media will allow advertisers to reach audiences at scale with the right content at the right time. The partnership will include the integration of Blue Bite’s mTAG platform on Lamar’s street level media. First being deployed to 440 transit locations throughout the Buffalo, NY area, both companies are working to expand the network footprint to a potential 25,000 mobile touchpoints across the U.S. and Canada. Blue Bite’s proprietary mTAG Platform allows advertisers to deploy and monitor campaigns in real time, helping to further demystify consumer mobile behavior. Various technologies such as Near Field Communication (NFC), Quick Response Codes (QR), Short Message Services (SMS), Bluetooth and Geofencing are used to facilitate a variety of brand-to-consumer interactions. “Our partnership with Blue Bite brings an interactive element to outdoor advertising campaigns, giving advertisers an opportunity to reach consumers with relevant mobile content,” explained Ian Dallimore, Director of Innovation and Digital Strategy at Lamar. “We are pleased to continue our relationship with Blue Bite, and we look forward to enhancing the mobile consumer experience with a presence on our street level inventory.” Mobile devices are essential to consumers’ day-to-day lives, creating the need for a strong advertising delivery mechanism to help interact with them on a more personal level. The partnership will improve how smartphone users consume and experience mobile content, providing ads that contain relevant information and value. Blue Bite and Lamar have worked together for the past several years on OOH-to-mobile campaigns featuring clients like Kind Snacks and Under Armour. They have focused mainly on bridging large format with mobile through geofencing technologies, but are now expanding their partnership to increase their reach. “We are excited to partner with Lamar and expand upon our previous campaign successes with increased scale and functionality,” said Mikhail Damiani, CEO and Co-founder of Blue Bite. “As we continue to add more touchpoints, we not only provide a wider audience for our brands, but also begin to understand the consumers’ journey and deliver messaging and content that is customized to their behaviors and preferences.” About Blue Bite Blue Bite is a leading mobile-marketing solutions provider utilizing a targeted, location-based approach to reach captive audiences on their personal mobile devices. Blue Bite has partnered with many of the leading Out-of-Home Companies in the U.S. and prides itself on creating an interactive two-way engagement by enabling consumers to connect with digital and traditional media via their mobile phones. For more information, please visit and follow the latest updates and developments on Facebook and Twitter. About Lamar Advertising Company Founded in 1902, Lamar Advertising Company (Nasdaq: LAMR) is one of the largest outdoor advertising companies in North America, with more than 370,000 displays across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Lamar offers advertisers a variety of billboard, interstate logo and transit advertising formats, helping both local businesses and national brands reach broad audiences every day. In addition to its more traditional out-of-home inventory, Lamar is proud to offer its customers the largest network of digital billboards in the United States with over 2,000 displays. Please feel free to explore our website or contact us for additional information. Press Contacts: Allie McAlpin Communications Director & Web Manager Lamar Advertising Company (225) 926-1000[email protected] Michele Paolella VP, Marketing Blue Bite (866) 523-3070 ext. 707[email protected]