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Knotice Powers Fender’s Hot Rod Amplifier Summer Tune Up Promotion

June 7, 2011
Submitted by Knotice

Musical Instruments Giant Strikes a Chord with Knotice for Mobile Marketing

Knotice, the leading provider of direct digital marketing software and services, is helping the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation engage shoppers via SMS during its Hot Rod Amplifier Summer Tune Up promotion.

Rebate tags with a shortcode are placed on qualifying Fender Hot Rod Amplifier products. After purchasing the product, consumers simply text the call-to-action to a shortcode to fill out and submit a rebate form for free products.

“Today’s consumers always have a mobile device within reach. We wanted to provide our customers with a mobile experience they would find convenient and immediately rewarding,” said Chrissy Mauck, Web site content producer and editor at Fender. “Knotice’s software and strategic talent makes it easy for us to provide our customers with valuable, rewarding experiences.”

Utilizing Knotice’s on-demand software Concentri® Mobile, Fender is able to easily connect with consumers on the go, allowing them to quickly submit product rebate information via their mobile device instead of manually filling out a rebate form and sending it through the mail.

“The hallmark of a successful mobile marketing initiative is a strong focus on creating value for the consumer,” said Brian Deagan, CEO and co-founder of Knotice. “I’m looking forward to working with Fender as they use the mobile channel to build relationships with and provide value to their customers.”

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About Fender Musical Instruments Corporation
Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) is the world’s leading guitar manufacturer, and its name has become synonymous with all things rock ‘n’ roll. Iconic Fender® instruments such as the Telecaster®, Stratocaster®, Precision Bass® and Jazz Bass® guitars are known worldwide as the instruments that started the rock revolution, and they continue to be highly prized by today’s musicians and collectors. FMIC brands include Fender®, Squier®, Guild®, Gretsch®, Jackson®, Charvel®, EVH®, SWR® and Groove Tubes®, among others. For more information, visit