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Knotice Continues to Add Analytics Talent, Blue-Chip Brand Experience

July 10, 2012

Recent additions to Knotice’s analytics team bring big data and big brand experience from, Progressive, Victoria’s Secret and Express

AKRON, OH – July 10, 2012 – Knotice, a leading provider of data management, analytics and digital messaging solutions, announced the recent additions of Weihua Liu, Steve Donatelli and Sophia Li to its rapidly expanding actionable analytics team. 

Weihua Liu joins Knotice from and will be based out of Knotice’s Seattle office.  During her 10 years at Amazon, Liu held key positions in’s data mining, business intelligence, personalization, and site automation departments.  Notable achievements during her tenure include:

First at to utilize click stream data in customer analysis, which set benchmarks enterprise-wide.  Widely recognized as the internal subject matter expert on click stream analysis;  

Built logistic regression models to predict the factors that had the most influences on customer retention;

Created a propensity-to-buy model that predicted what products customers would purchase next, with an emphasis on products not yet purchased. This model was used to calculate scores for customers and recommend products in their Amazon Gold Box.

Prior to joining Knotice, Steve Donatelli managed paid search activities within Progressive Insurance for a period of four years.  Responsibilities and notable achievements include:

Managed millions in annual media spend across all business units, growing written premiums attributable to search nearly 100 percent while decreasing acquisition costs by 12 percent;

Implemented DMA-level campaigns to control demand and profitability on a state-by-state basis;

Spearheaded the visualization and dashboarding of online media spend for search and email.

Sophia Li came to Knotice from AllianceData’s business unit, Epsilon. Prior to AllianceData, Li was a senior analyst with Limited Brands, supporting both Victoria’s Secret and Express where she:

Built targeting models and designed experiments to test the effectiveness of different marketing strategies;

Utilized techniques like generalized linear models, decision trees and neural networks to build predictive models that aided in audience definition and targeting for direct marketing; 

Served as a liaison between brands and the advanced analytics group to find opportunities where analytics could improve the efficiency of marketing efforts. 

“We’re extremely pleased to have such talented individuals at Knotice,” said Jeff Carey, Knotice’s Director of Analysis and Strategy who leads the company’s Actionable Analytics practice.  “With our proprietary Universal Profile Management system, Knotice offers clients a truly unique solution for collecting, enriching and leveraging known and anonymous customer information across addressable digital channels and devices.  Adding folks like Sophia, Steve and Weihua to the team allows us to unlock the full potential that our technology can provide.” 

About Knotice

Knotice (pronounced "notice") is a leading provider of data management, actionable analytics, and digital messaging solutions, headquartered in Akron, Ohio, with offices in Seattle. Our on-demand marketing software and agency services help marketers maximize the ROI of their addressable digital marketing – digital communications that are addressable to an individual.  With our  proprietary platform, we pioneered the ability to seamlessly unite customer data, analytics and message delivery – all from a single profile-based platform.  In addition to technology, Knotice provides a comprehensive offering of marketing services, including strategy and planning, agency-style creative services, custom development, analytics, advanced reporting, and business intelligence. For more information, visit: