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JUICE Mobile launches interactive hot spot ad unit with auto campaign

September 19, 2014
Submitted by JUICE Mobile
JUICE Mobile has launched an innovative mobile ad unit in partnership with Nissan and OMD to promote the all-new 2014 Nissan Rogue. This new tablet ad unit lets viewers communicate with a brand’s video in-stream via tappable hot spots. “We wanted to build on the success of our Winter Warrior commercial for the all-new Rogue so we looked to tablet to offer a different experience and reach a different audience than on television,” said Mary McNeill, Marketing, Nissan. “The hot spots embedded into the video allow viewers to gain insight into the features of the Rogue and enhance the experience to something so much more.” Using five hot spots to enhance its commercial, Nissan’s content highlighted statistics on winter weather and snow safety. The 60 second video garnered a 78 per cent completion rate and a 93 per cent engagement rate. The unit ran across JUICE Mobile’s stable of premium publishers, including Postmedia, to reach Nissan’s target audience. “This continues our vision of making mobile ads less passive and more interactive which complements our voice-activated unit that we released last quarter,” said Neil Sweeney, president and CEO, JUICE Mobile. “We are excited that Nissan and OMD are progressive and experimenting with innovative tactics that utilize a device’s capabilities in order to engage consumers.” The hot spot ad unit is used to enhance video assets and make them more interactive. Content can feature videos, photos, product galleries and information to drive business objectives. JUICE Mobile is now offering its tablet video hot spot ad unit to clients and partners throughout North America. For more information about JUICE Mobile as a company and its products, visit http://www.juicemobile.com. About JUICE Mobile: Founded in 2010, JUICE Mobile is a premium, full-service mobile advertising technology firm. Dedicated exclusively to the mobile advertising market, the company works with world renowned advertisers and premium publishers. JUICE Mobile is passionate about providing its customers with innovative ways to reach their audiences through proprietary technology & data. Patented and built in-house, Nectar™ is the world’s first mobile programmatic direct platform. Nectar™ combines the efficiency and scale of RTB with the visibility and control of direct sales, offering brands and publishers a more innovative marketplace. This commitment to mobile innovation is present in JUICE Mobile’s ongoing launch of market-first mobile ad units and the company’s leadership in the proximity marketing space. Please visit www.juicemobile.com for more information or follow @JUICE_Mobile on Twitter.