JUICE Mobile delivers engagement with innovative Mobile Flyer ad unit | MMA Global
September 19, 2014
Submitted by JUICE Mobile
JUICE Mobile has transformed the traditional weekly flyer for mobile devices. Leveraging the interactive capabilities of smartphones, the intuitive mobile flyer ad unit features rich media and dynamic updates for the on-the-go shopper. Combining each of these elements to highlight relevant product features, the ad unit cost effectively expands the reach of Calgary Co-op’s existing digital flyer investment. “With direct mail, clients have limited visibility in to where their flyers end up and how consumers engage with their content,” said Zac Goodman, Digital Supervisor at DSA Media. “Mobile flyers now allow us to engage with the consumers who we want to reach and then see how they’re interacting with our messaging. For consumer-facing businesses, we are always looking for new, more innovative ways of reaching consumers through digital channels.” According to an Explorer Shopper Research Study, traditional flyers have a 70% drop off rate after the first page due to lack of relevance, understanding and visual fatigue. In its first flight, the Calgary Co-op mobile flyer ad unit delivered a 50% lift in engagement over industry standard mobile ads. This engagement was delivered at 5-10% of the cost of traditional flyers. “We know that as the shift to mobile continues to grow so will the adoption of ground-breaking mobile approaches for traditional methods of advertising,” said Neil Sweeney, President & CEO of JUICE Mobile. “Looking at flyers, the opportunities that mobile offers for innovation are immediately evident – the engagement level, tracking abilities and elimination of printing/distribution costs are benefits that can’t be replicated in any other medium” The mobile flyer ad unit is used to better target and communicate timely product deals, features and discounts. JUICE Mobile is now offering its mobile flyer ad unit to clients and partners throughout North America. For more information about JUICE Mobile and its products, visit www.juicemobile.com. About JUICE Mobile Founded in 2010, JUICE Mobile is a premium, full-service mobile advertising technology firm. Dedicated exclusively to the mobile advertising market, the company works with world renowned advertisers and premium publishers. JUICE Mobile is passionate about providing its customers with innovative ways to reach their audiences through proprietary technology & data. Patented and built in-house, Nectar™ is the world’s first mobile programmatic direct platform. Nectar™ combines the efficiency and scale of RTB with the visibility and control of direct sales, offering brands and publishers a more innovative marketplace. This commitment to mobile innovation is present in JUICE Mobile’s ongoing launch of market-first mobile ad units and the company’s leadership in the proximity marketing space. Please visit www.juicemobile.com for more information or follow @JUICE_Mobile on Twitter.