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JUICE Mobile and Mediaocean Partner to Provide Mobile Programmatic Direct Solution

January 27, 2015
Submitted by JUICE Mobile
New York City –(January 27, 2015) - JUICE Mobile, the premium mobile advertising and technology firm, and Mediaocean, the leading software provider for the advertising world, today announced a partnership to integrate JUICE Mobile’s programmatic direct platform, Nectar, into Mediaocean’s Prisma. The integration puts guaranteed mobile inventory from premium publishers at scale directly in front of media buyers. Mediaocean's clients use Prisma as a single integrated workflow for managing their entire campaign lifecycle – from researching and planning, to measuring ad effectiveness and more. By integrating with Nectar, Prisma users will be able to manage Nectar campaigns holistically within their Prisma workflow. For JUICE Mobile, this partnership means ubiquitous distribution of Nectar’s premium mobile inventory to the agency media planners and buyers powering the largest mobile market in the world. “This partnership represents a key milestone in the shift toward the next generation of media buying – one which provides transparency and the tools to address issues of visibility and fraud,” said Neil Sweeney, President & CEO of JUICE Mobile. “Our partnership with Mediaocean empowers brands and agencies to address major inefficiencies in the mobile ad tech ecosystem with Nectar.” Mediaocean’s Prisma both streamlines the RFP process and offers programmatic direct access to premium, guaranteed inventory, eliminating many of the complexities associated with direct buying. With the integration of Nectar, agencies and advertisers working in Prisma can now transact JUICE Mobile’s premium mobile inventory in five simple steps, reducing the time it takes to make their digital buys and allowing advertisers and publishers to maintain complete control of their buy. "Our partnership with JUICE Mobile provides our current users access to premium inventory across all mobile formats in a way that is efficient, brand-safe, and transparent," said Manu Warikoo, SVP Product, Platforms, Mediaocean. "Prisma’s open architecture provides a platform for planning and executing every type of digital media buy, including third party buying processes such as JUICE Mobile’s Nectar, to create greater opportunity for our clients.” Nectar is available in Prisma for enabled users. Please contact JUICE Mobile for more information and to learn about its platforms and services. About Mediaocean Mediaocean is the leading software platform provider for the marketing world. Its open traditional and digital media platforms empower businesses and professionals across the global marketing ecosystem with intelligent automation, efficiency, and flexibility in their workflow – from planning and buying, to analyzing and optimizing, to invoicing and payments. With over 80,000 advertising professionals conducting 7 million transactions daily across all media channels and managing $100 billion annually through its platforms, Mediaocean drives the marketing universe forward. Mediaocean is headquartered in New York with six offices worldwide. Learn more at www.Mediaocean.com, or connect with Mediaocean on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. About JUICE Mobile Founded in 2010, JUICE Mobile is a premium, full-service mobile advertising technology firm. Dedicated exclusively to the mobile advertising market, the company works with world renowned advertisers and premium publishers. JUICE Mobile is passionate about providing its customers with innovative ways to reach their audiences through proprietary technology and data. Patented and built in-house, Nectar is the world’s first mobile Programmatic Direct platform. Nectar combines the efficiency and scale of RTB with the visibility and control of direct sales, offering brands and publishers a more innovative marketplace. This commitment to mobile innovation is present in JUICE Mobile’s ongoing launch of market-first mobile ad units and the company’s leadership in the proximity marketing space. Please visit www.juicemobile.com for more information or follow @JUICE_Mobile on Twitter.