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JitterGram: Recommended by Kim Dushinski

March 17, 2009

Bedford, NH – JitterGram, Just-in-Time Promotions & Notifications, is excited to announce that Kim Dushinski, founder of Mobile Marketing Profits and author of The Mobile Marketing Handbook, recommended JitterGram as a “Specialty Self-Service” Mobile Marketing Company.

In the blog section of the Mobile Marketing Profits site, several US text message companies were chosen. Kim Dushinski explains that she has either personally used or has gone through an in depth tour of each company’s platform. Of the two “Specialty Self-Service” companies listed, JitterGram stands out as a “local-oriented mobile coupon provider”. The description goes on to refer to JitterGram as the “easiest, fastest way to create a basic mobile coupon campaign”.


We are honored to be a part of Kim Dushinski’s list of Recommended Text Message Companies. We pride ourselves in the simplicity of our service and we are glad that others are noticing!” says Ric Pratte, JitterGram’s President and CEO.

About Mobile Marketing Profits: Founded by Kim Dushinski, Mobile Marketing Profits provides mobile marketing education and consulting services to corporations, marketing professionals and entrepreneurs. As an advocate for smart, effective mobile marketing, Kim leads workshops and speaks internationally about how to profit with mobile. Her book, “The Mobile Marketing Handbook” was published in November 2008. People around the world are launching mobile marketing campaigns using her unique Mobile Marketing Launch Kit.

About JitterGram: Founded in 2008, JitterGram enables businesses and organizations to send coupons, promotions and notifications to customer’s mobile phones immediately, timed to influence a decision, such as where to have dinner that evening. These ‘Just-in-Time’ promotions allow merchants to ‘Drive Demand, On Demand’. Subscribers simply ‘Show the Phone’ to redeem the offer, eliminating the need for clipping and carrying coupons.